The Secret of Saving at Disney!

The Secret of Saving at Disney

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Orlando is the world's #1 vacation destination.  With wonderful weather year around, a variety of beaches within a relatively short drive, and a range of theme parks, it's no wonder millions of people flock to Central Florida annually.

But where do these people stay?  Well, while some stay at resorts on Disney property still a good number of visitors opt for the seemingly "better deal" of the random motel room close to the attractions.  While these spots may seem like a way to save money, there's a few things that they are missing. Say you're a family of 4 traveling on a tight budget.  You're crammed into a small room no bigger than a living room.  You may or may not have access to a refrigerator and possibly a microwave.  This means you can serve up your favorite microwaveable meals to your family in the comforts of cramped room on disposable plates. All this for at least $100 a night peak season if you're lucky.  Security is questionable, cleanliness is questionable, comfortable sleep is questionable.  In fact, fun and relaxation at this point is questionable.




There is another alternative and one that most people do not consider because it comes with often misunderstood words, "time share resort".   Here's the secret, you don't have to be a timeshare owner to stay at one of these beautiful resorts.  Depending on availability, all the comforts, conveniences, security and fun can be yours without ownership.  So, for about the same price as going the budget route, your family of 4 can have a fully operational kitchen, a living room, a bathroom or two, and a bedroom.




One option to renting a unit in a time share resort is from Westgate Resorts in Orlando.  In addition to Disney Vacation Packages and Orlando Vacation Packages, Westgate offers all the conveniences and safety of home but without having to drag every last bit of cutlery and linens with you. Located on premise are restaurants, clean and well-maintained pools, WiFi access, that are staffed by friendly and attentive personnel.  Want to eat in instead?  That's ok too.  Most resorts are located close to shopping areas plus have scheduled shuttles to the attractions.

So while you are planning your next trip to Disney, with accommodations this clean and beautiful and so close to fun, why wouldn't you choose the family friendly Westgate Resorts?


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