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Homeschooling high school and want to make sure you get in a full, well-rounded learning experience that includes Shakespeare for your student but not sure how to do it all?  The Shakespeare Tragedies & Sonnets Literature and Composition Pack from Hewitt Homeschooling can be the piece the solves that puzzle!



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Shakespeare Tragedies & Sonnets Literature and Composition Pack

Lightning Literature and Composition Guides help to teach the skills of deeper reading and in turn the craft of writing.  Just as the art of reading expands your knowledge and vocabulary, the act of writing helps to improve and refine the art of written communication.  Each course within the Lightning Literature and Composition series focuses on a chosen time period, geographical region or author.

In Shakespeare Tragedies, his tragedies and sonnets are studied while teaching deep reading, comprehension, and writing skills using Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear interspersed with Sonnets 56,73,97,29,30,18 and 65 respectively.

Within the teacher's guide is an amazing wealth of helps from grading tips, checklists, scoring rubrics, semester and year schedules, answers to comprehension questions plus additional extension actives such as art, history/geography, passage memorization, music, movies, religion and science.

The accompanying student book is filled early on with informational helps on how to read prose, syntax, meter and so on.  In the writing intoduction section there is a great summary on basic how to's plus outlining and more.

Further more, each unit is broken down into introduction, selection, while you read, pilot summary, comprehension questions, literary lessons and writing experiences.

Our Experience with Shakespeare Tragedies & Sonnets Literature and Composition Pack

Starting with an introduction to Shakespeare, which showcases the in's and out's of the author and his work.  Along with criticisms of his works, the elements of his work, and most importantly HOW to read his work.  From this compilation the student is sent off to start Julius Cesear with a firm and knowledgeable foundation.

Following the provided schedule, my high schooler was able to work through the majority of it on his own.  The pacing of it is given as weekly assignments (which are broken down at the instructors or students discretion),  were mostly doable.  I really appreciated the included plot summaries which helped clue in missing pieces and gave a more rich flow to the understanding of the story.

As a part of the study are literary lessons dispersed into each lesson.  In Julies Ceaser, theme, character and language were nicely broken down.  The Sonnets however were another story and proved a bit tricky.  Admittedly poetry is an aspect that has never been big in our household.  Fortunately this was conquered by taking turns reading them aloud followed by discussion.  In like manner the comprehension questions were also tackled.  And this was not because my student struggled but as an avenue to open up for more dialogue.

As far as writing goes you can scale this up or back as needed.  There are some options presented for the topics to write on, however as the parent/teacher you are always free to decide the best coarse of action.  In our case, I've extended some of the work due deadlines to help my writer.

Final thoughts on Shakespeare Tragedies & Sonnets Literature and Composition Pack

Overall I liked this guide and believe Hewitt Homeschooling did a great job laying it all out for the high school level.  My only comment is if this is your student's first exposure to formal writing or they are not a strong writer that you will have to offer a little more help to them then having them be totally self-directed.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I don't think I've ever intentionally read Shakespeare's sonnets myself. I do love his plays though. I was curious how it was done in this curriculum. Thanks for a great review!

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