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Interested in getting your homeschooled student some real-life experience that also counts as credit?  Internship for High School Credit from Apologia Educational Ministries can help you accomplish that!





Internship for High School Credit

For many years Apologia has been known for their science curriculum.  Understandably they've been a part of our homeschool journey since almost day one!

In recent years they've expanded their offerings to planners, encouraging books, and practical helps.  Internship for High School Credit is one such help.  It's a step by step manual that helps you think, organize, execute and record this often overlooked opportunity for homeschooled high schoolers.

Beginning with generalized information on what an internship or apprenticeship is and why its important, this book gently guides you through the steps involved.

How to:

  • Determine the type of internship

  • Choose a company

  • Write a resume

  • Write a letter of Introduction

  • Prepare for the Interview

This guide also helps the parent navigate through the ways to help their child such as Child Labor Laws, insurance issues, documentation for transcripts and more.

As far as documentation is concerned, this book goes on to break things down into semester chunks with goals, worksheets for time worked, performance and skills gained.  I love that it's broken up in this manner because the pages are easily written in making it a running record at the fingertips and is highly adaptable to the length of the internship.

Good reminders that we often take for granted are posted throughout this section such as,  keeping a close eye on work place attire.  I especially like the thought provoking questions that are posed which really help the student with critical thinking of their experience.  An example:
"All career fields have their own language and special technology.  If you know these terms, it will be easier to converse with your coworkers, and you will begin to better educate yourself in your career.  For example, knowledge of the different departments within a hospital is helpful for a student interested in medical career.  For a student pursing engineering, it is important to become familiar with the various computer programs that are used to aid in design.  Make a list below of any terminology or technologies as you come across them during your internship.  If you hear a term with which you are unfamiliar, ask its definition and write it down below as well."

And so on!  By actively working and completing these worksheets week by week, your student will not only be able to articulate their knowledge but have a wonderful record of their accomplishments!

In wrapping up the internship, the student is encouraged to write a final paper on their experience and send a thank you note to the business.

Final thoughts about Internship for High School Credit

I'm not new to the idea of internships for homeschoolers.  I do have to say that this is probably one of the easiest to follow, best written guides on the topic that I've been privilege to see to date.

Though this release just misses my oldest in timing, it's perfect for my 16 year old to use for the internship he pursues!


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