Alan Shepard: Higher and Faster from YWAM Review

Alan Shepard: Higher and Faster from YWAM Review


The Heroes of History Series from YWAM Publishing (Youth with a Mission) is a great way to incorporate real-life history learning into your family's, and young readers, reading time.  For this review, my space loving  7 year old picked out Alan Shepard: Higher and Faster to be the hero of his special learning time.


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We were originally introduced to these wonderful gems from YWAM years ago when we read George Mueller from the Christian Heroes of the Faith Series.  These books allow you to not only read about the wondrous works of God but also study history and geography as well.  Within the pages of these books my kids have learned so much and have "visited" countless countries and 6 continents as well.

The Heroes of History biographies are a bit different in that they focus on heroes from the United State History.  Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, William Penn, Ben Carson, C.S. Lewis, and Laura Ingalls Wilder are just a few names from this series.

Alan Shepard grew up in post-depression New Hampshire becoming interested in flight at a young age.  From tinkering in his grandpa's abandoned workshop, he and his childhood friends had no idea where this would take him!  From service to our country, he honed his flying skills and found a wife.  As he rose in the ranks, gaining expertise, he eventually worked himself  in to a new position, astronaut at NASA.  Eventually he would earn the title of first American in space and then be the first in the world to manually fly a spacecraft while in space.  Though many trials, both Sheppard and NASA learned and grew.  This knowledge  during the Great Space Race literally propelled Alan to the moon!  Alan lead an adventure filled life and YWAM does a wonderful job capturing that excitement for young readers and families.  My son was enthralled with learning more about this figure from history in a subject he holds dear!

Study guides are also available for this series that contain multi-faceted learning experiences from writing to hands on activities covering history, geography, politics and more.  These guides are easily downloaded, ready for use. Countless opportunities such as essay and creative writing, hands on projects incorporating audio/visual learning, activity sheets, geography, map skills, history, vocabulary, exercises that work those critical thinking muscles, politics, current events, history, science, plus linking it to the community with service project ideas.  Suggestions are even given for outside reading, movies, field trips and how to wrap the whole study up into a celebration!

Ready to add some adventure to your homeschool or try a unit study that's different, you have to check out this series!


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