The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing Review


Lamplighter Publishing's aim is to develop "Christlike character one story at a time."  After hearing so many wonderful things about this company, when I was given the chance to read one of their selections, The Secret Bridge, I happily accepted.

A real and honest review of the Secret Bridge Lamplighter

The basic guise of the story goes something like this.  Bridget, a young adult, is orphaned in a foreign land and sent to live with a relative in England.  After an incredibly long journey, she discovers this relative is deceased and so is her means of survival.  Attempting to make it on her own, Godfrey, a mysterious man she met on the long journey, decides he wants to help her.  And after several pursuits, convinces Bridget to marry him.  Oh but there is a slight problem.  He is a sailor, a captain, and must depart shortly for a years journey.  Never fear because she can stay near her new family, except she must not tell them she is his wife.  Then there's the entangling factor of Bridget's discovery of her true heritage and that she belongs to 1/2 of a long family fued similar to the Hatfields and McCoys.  Eventually though, Godfrey returns, helps to straighten out the mess along with the multiple deceptions thus saving the plot.


Personal thoughts on The Secret Bridge

Honestly, while the twists and turns within The Secret Bridge were interesting, I could not get past Godfrey's seeming right to possess Bridget.  I started reading the story aloud to my kids, ages 13 and 7, and stopped after mid-second chapter.  My 13 year old felt that Godfrey was very much out of line in his "conquest" to "take care" of Bridget.  And I felt that it was over the top, creepy and had undertones of the original Elsie Dinsmore.   Though Bridget comes to know Christ, this strange arrangement plus deception, detracts from the freedom and abundance that is found within a relationship with The Savior.

While I cannot speak for other titles, I felt this one sends the wrong message about relationships!


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