Homeschooling Through Life's Troubles

Homeschooling Through Life's Troubles

Homeschooling Through Life's Troubles Tales of a Homeschool Family

There are many fabulous homeschool blogs on the web.  One of my favorites in particular is Our Homeschool Forum - and it's not because I also write for this site!  This blog/forum is filled with wisdom from a variety of homeschool moms in the trenches.

One of the series I've penned is for those seasons when homeschooling is maintained through difficulties.

Do you find yourself in one of these times?  Please check out these posts!


When Sickness Abounds

There are many seasons to homeschooling. Some are academic, some are developmental, but some involve health. Sometimes the health of a child. But, sometimes it’s the health of our spouse or even ourselves.

Homeschooling through sickness is a difficult season. But, with prayer, planning, and help, homeschooling can continue.  (read more)



Homeschooling Through Financial Difficulties

Going through a season of not enough? Be it layoffs or excess bills, a season of not enough income is hard on anyone!

Can a homeschool family survive? With some adjusting and fine tuning, the answer is yes!    (read more)



When Homeschooling Hurts

There’s a problem within the homeschool community that needs to be addressed. I’ve seen many homeschool leaders who are silently hurting and afraid to come forward for help. Whether it is due to emotional, financial or martial difficulties, there’s a feeling of fear in portraying a weakness, less than perfect image or not having it all together to those around them.  (read more)

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