High School Essay Intensive Review

Institute for Excellence in Writing has been instrumental in our homeschool classroom.  It has helped my reluctant writers when nothing else worked! Now that those writers are getting closer to finishing their homeschool journey, High School Essay Intensive is the perfect way to help them bridge the gap into college.


 High School Essay Intensive Review Tales of a Homeschool Family

Looking back, one of the hardest subjects to teach my children was creative writing.  Hands down it was a task I dreaded teaching and one they dreaded learning.  Taking it one step further, High School Essay Intensive utilizes much of the previous IEW methods of writing. This curriculum seeks to really drive home cranking out a quality, impromptu essays within the time constraints of classroom and timed exam settings.

High School Essay Intensive Review

Within this 5 DVD and 28 paged set, your student will learn:

1.  General Strategies for Essay Writing

  • Length and structure

  • Invention -thinking skills: division, comparison, application, significance

  • Style - using language well

2.  Understanding and Preparing for the New ACT Essay

  • General guidelines from ACT

  • Types of essay prompts

  • Deciding topics and details

  • Streamlined outlining

3.  Understanding and preparing for the Redesigned SAT Essay

  • General guidelines from the College Board

  • Understanding a critical analysis essy

  • Annotation

  • Template for easy outlining

4.  Strategies for the "Personal Essay"

  • General guidelines

  • Types of essays and prompts

  • Determining topics and details

  • Standing out from the crowd.

As with the other IEW programs, this curriculum is done utilizing DVD's.  You watch and then you do.  Right out of the starting gate, after a brief introduction, the student is given a warm up essay to get their feet wet.   Within the dvd's, the teaching examples are very well laid out both auditory and visually with pauses in them for writing assignments to be performed.

Topic wise, instruction starts from the very basics of what is an essay.  Andrew Pudewa takes the student through the information in a non-threatening, easy going, and efficient manner with many of these concepts pulled from Structure and Style.  While this may be review for some students, it insures that all students are starting at the same place with the same tools in their toolbox going into the actual writing portion of this curriculum.

Mr. Pudewa also takes the time to go into detail about how to pull from your mind "inventory" to write effectively and not ignoring things like memorization of good writings of old.

Another very nice feature of this program are the sheets provided with the dvd's that are just a very generalized outline with a whole lot of space to take notes.  The student is encouraged to take notes as much as possible as this is a valuable skill that will be heavily utilized in their college years.

On the ACT writing dvd, the student is thoroughly guided through how to break down the given topic, think it through with brainstorming quickly and then execute the writing all without giving into anxiety.

Our thoughts on The High School Essay Intensive

Once again IEW has come through with their unique teaching materials.  This is one more extension of their helps that my highschooler can put in his writing arsenal.  He really liked the step by step guide through the ACT writing portion of the curriculum.  The visualization of Mr. Pudewa mapping out the essay strategy really hit home in a practical manner.  He's now more confident in his understanding on how to assemble an essay in bite sized pieces in order to have a cohesive and flowing piece of work.  He'll be putting what he learned into practice when he takes his ACT.

Looking ahead I know the Personal Essay section will really help as he begins writing his essays for college admission applications!

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