Fun Apple Inspired Craft... At least that's what the hamsters said!

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My son has owned Max & Mo Go Apple Picking (Ready-to-Reads)  for quite some time.


Max & Mo 1 Fun Apple Inspired Craft... At Least that's What the Hamsters Said!


It has been a favorite bedtime story that always ends with "Mommy, we should try these crafts and recipe."  I always reply "That's a good idea".  But,  I never remember about it the next day.


This past weekend my son did remember!


In the book, two cute classroom hamsters pull off slicing apples that their humans bring back from a field trip in order to make cute apple prints. Since the hamsters could do it,  I figured it would be a snap!


Max & Mo 6




I mean, these two hamster wouldn't trick us would they?


Or would they?


First, we slice two apples.  One horizontally,  the other vertically. This way we will have two different designs.  (At least that's what the hamsters said)


Max & Mo 2


After cleaning out the seeds, we take the horizontal cut apple half, and dip it in the paint. This should give us a star design.  (At least that's what the hamsters said!)


Max & Mo 3


Pressing the apple down on the paper - voila!  Wait, try that again.... pressing the apple down on paper - voila!  Ugh, try it again....nope, not seeing a star design!


Max & Mo 4


Let's try the vertical cut.  It worked for the hamsters afterall!  Whoopie!  We get one!!!


Max & Mo 7


After a change in paint and a few more tries, the session evolves into painting on oneself..... sigh!   This is proves to be much more fun than anything the hamsters managed to do.   And, per my son, more believable!


Max & Mo 8


We will just chalk this one up to experience.  Moral of the story, hamsters are not always right....



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