Color My Conversation Review

Color My Conversation Review


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Northern Speech Services was established in 1972 as a way to meet the many needs of speech related difficulties by providing training and materials for Speech-Language Pathologist and caregivers who offer therapy to all age groups.  Their unique program Color My Conversation is a fun and engaging multi sensory approach program that helps all children develop their ability to have conversations and appropriate social interactions with those around them.


This easily adaptable curriculum works on the following language skills:

Greeting others

Engaging in chitchat

Engaging in topics of conversation

Asking effective questions

Making effective comments

Transitioning smoothly between topics

Reading nonverbal communication

Being an engaged listener

Becoming a flexible conversationalist

Developing character and self-leadership skills

Gaining perspective on the value for Face-to-Face social interactions in a technology driven world

Author and creator Rosslyn Delmonico MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP has over 36 years of private and public school practice as well as her own private practice working mainly with language impairments.  After seeing a need for a comprehensive social language program, in 2006 she started developing a speech language therapy tool for children called Color My Conversation that is both applicable to special needs and mainstream children.  Utilizing all methods of learning including movement, color, song and hands on learning.



Color my Conversation is typically used over a 14-16 week period but it can easily be adapted to your homeschool needs as individual, small group or even classroom settings.

This wonderful curriculum comes with:

12 Stepping Floor Graphics

50 Game Tokens

100 Picture/emotion Cards

50 Dry Erasable Wall Display Cards

2 Dry Erase Pens

CMC Ball

Classroom Poster

Game Board

Cloth Ribbon

Instruction Manual & Music CD's


I had the opportunity to try out this program with my 7 year old.  Initially, I am impressed with amount of well-thought out and constructed learning tools within this curriculum.  Though my son isn't special needs, he is an extreme chatterbox and has issues knowing how to navigate the flow of conversation.

To help facilitate teaching this program are instructional videos on the website AND a thorough Instruction Manual is provided which breaks down lessons into step by step, easy to follow instructions plus suggestions on how to modify the lesson to meet special needs.


cmc special needs


First up, the Yellow Conversation is simply "hello" and "goodbye" but also learning the different ways to say or not to say these words.  It's the easiest and fastest kind of common exchange and one that leads people to make their first impressions of you.


cmc lesson 1


Skills reinforced are making meaningful eye contact, how to respond to or initiate a greeting, a conversation starter, a conversation stopper and then a farewell.  Though this was easy and a relatively short exercise, my son liked the predictability of it and was able to pick up on the cues and respond.


cmc benny


The next lesson is lightly longer with chit chat and small talk.  It's during these types of conversations where people decide if we are rude or socially inept.  In this lesson games like "Chit Chat Shuffle" are added in order to practice variety in responses.  Role playing is also included which helps improve grammar, syntax and problem solving plus increases awareness.

So far so good.  My son is enjoying the challenge of thinking up new ways to express himself while following cues in the conversation flow and the conversation path!


Color My Conversation Review



Which brings us to the Long Conversations with add topics of conversation.  For this section, interest brainstorming is encouraged in order to help the child think quickly about things they could bring up to talk about to continue conversation.  Motivation, discipline, transition, fairness and feedback are also discussed in this section with very helpful tips for parents!

And then the Who What When Where Why lesson where your child practices the art of asking the 5 W's.  Again, my little Chatterbox had no problem with this section, although he did have to learn how to pause to allow someone to ask HIM questions.



Onto Lesson 5, Yes, No, Maybe So! where the student is taught about reverse interrogative questions.  This is where we had some issue with my son because he felt he was either being drilled with questions or was drilling someone else with questions.  But, he did learn a lot in this lesson which will build into the Lesson 6 and beyond!

Final thoughts about Color My Conversation

Though my son did enjoy his time with this Color my Conversation we both can see the bonus of using it in a classroom or at least multi-child environment.  I also can see how it can benefit a variety of special needs with it's easily adaptable components which incorporate all forms of learning.


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