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Looking for an effective, easy to use, flexible, AND affordable Math program for your homeschooler?  You have to check out Math Mammoth!   My 7 year old received the downloadable version of Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 1 to review.


 Looking for an effective, easy to use, flexible AND affordable Math program for your homeschooler? You have to check out Math Mammoth! My 7 year old received the downloadable version of Math Mammoth Light Blue Series, Grade 1.

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth offers both complete curriculum AND fill-ins on topics your child might be missing for grades 1-12.  This product is used for homeschoolers, teachers and parents.

The Light Blue Series is a full curriculum for grades 1-7 based on mastery of concepts accordingly.  Visual and mental math are included in each of the 8-10 chapters.   Within a curriculum level are books A & B containing student exercises and teaching instructions (and answer keys), plus tests, reviews and a worksheet maker.  The digital version is special and includes the money unit in seven currencies: US, Canadian, British, European, Australian, New Zealand, and South African money.   Also the PDF files are enabled for annotation, meaning your student can fill them in on the computer or tablet using Acrobat Reader version 9 or greater!  Another FREE bonus of buying the download or CD version are the 6 additional Soft-Pak programs included.  Four math, one language arts, one list maker.

In Grade one, your child will learn:

*Kindergarten Math Review (Equal amounts, same & different, writing numbers, counting, position words, colors, shapes and patterns)

*Addition Within 0-10

*Subtraction Within 0-10

*Place Value Within 0-100

*Addition and Subtraction Facts


*Shapes and Measuring

*Adding and Subtracting Within 0-100


To complete this level of the Math Mammoth curriculum, it's suggested to have an 100-bead abacus, analog clock, a ruler measuring in inches and a ruler measure in centimeters.

Our Experience with Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 1

Once we downloaded the curriculum, we were off and running!  The first thing I notice is how nicely each of the PDF files are separated.  There's no second guessing where you need to start or where you need to go in the flow of things.  Since we are more than midway through our school year, I scroll through the pages to find the appropriate place to start.  Since this is a curriculum we've never used before we obviously aren't going to cover the same topics and in the same sequence.  So, along the way, we stop and either gloss over a few nuggets of information that we haven't hit yet or review some of the pages that my son seems not to remember so well.

Finally we come to a place where the majority of material is new and settle in.  I love being able to just turn on the laptop and start.  The instructions are well laid out and it's easy to use with my son.  My son is learning well and it's stress free for both of us!


Final thoughts on Math Mammoth

I'm not usually a fan of downloadable math curriculum.  I normally prefer having a bound hard copy in my hands to use with my children. However, with Math Mammoth I found it was a wonderful way to incorporate printed pages, while scrolling through the sections on my laptop that my 7 year old only needed to touch on or review.  He really enjoyed this new approach to learning too.  Because this went so well, we will continue using this for the rest of the year and will seriously consider it for next year as well.

One more note - I found that I did not need an abacus to utilize this program.


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