Leu Gardens Dinosaur Invasion!


Leu Gardens Dinosaur Invasion

Leu Gardens Dinosaur Invasion Tales of a Homeschool Family


Recently, my 7 year old and I spent a wonderful afternoon hunting dinosaurs at Leu Gardens Dinosaur Invasion!  Grabbing a map of the gardens, my son practiced his map skills as he guided us through the twists and turns of this beautiful paradise in search of 13 different dinosaurs.  At each "stop" was a sign to read (reading practice) telling facts about the dinosaur, a chance to match it to an alphabetical list (spelling practice) on the back of the special children's map and of course, lots of taking in the ambiance of a time gone past.


Leu Gardens Dinosaur Invasion Tales of a Homeschool Family Daspletosaurus




eu Gardens Dinosaur Adventure 4 Heterodontosaurus




Leu Gardens Dinosaur Adventure 3 Allosaurs




Leu Gardens Dinosaur Adventure 2 Parasarapholus


Parasaurolophus - my favorite!


Leu Gardens Dinosaur Adventure 1

And a good and final reminder to all those visitors!

With a little planning and flexibility, you can turn any outing into an educational field trip!

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