A Collection of Easy and Frugal Meals


Did you know I have some fabulous recipes posted over at Mama Goes Frugal?

Easy, frugal and some are freezable!

Check 'em out!

A Collection of Easy and Frugal Meals


A Collection of Easy and Frugal Meals www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


Easy Stuffed Peppers

Directions include how to make them into a freezer meal!



What do you do when you are gifted with a ham?

Make as many meals as you can!  Instructions for freezer meals included!

One Ham = 3+ Meals



Easy and Frugal Potato Crusted Chicken Tenders

Gluten free, no icky preservatives and way cheaper than store bought!



 Love fried rice but not the MSG and price?

Check out my recipe for Easy and Frugal Fried Rice



A blunder that turned into a yummy favorite.

Easy and Frugal Chicken Enchilada Lasagna!



Happy cooking!

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