Thin Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc

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Last year, we were introduced to Kwik Stix, the answer to messy tempura paint.  Since these are non-toxic with no mess involved, vivid in color and so easy to use, we feel in love with them.  Though they were perfect for a preschooler/young child to use, my older children felt somewhat left out.

thin stix

The Pencil Grip, Inc solved that problem by creating Thin Stix!

Thin Stix are the same solid tempera paint sticks but just thinner in diameter.  Now my older kids can enjoy creating with finer detail.  And the best part?  No mess!

thix stix2


thin stix 3


These silky smooth paint sticks dry within 90 seconds and will work on wood, canvas, poster paper, cardboard and more.


thin stix 4


Enjoyable, smooth drawing and creating with NO mess!  Dries quickly too.


thin 6


Perfect for on the go activities, sitting in a waiting room, or a trip to Grandmas!


thin stix 5


thin stix 1


These would be perfect to include in an Easter basket or as a stocking stuffer.  Plus they are available in a variety of packs and colors on Amazon!


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