Organizing Your Spiritual Life - Organizing Your Life Blog Hop

Organizing your spiritual life - organizing your life blog hop

In this season of life it has been a real challenge to get consistent one on one time with Jesus. I have good intentions to wake up early for that piece of illusive quiet. Mostly I end up oversleeping due to night time wakings - or - find myself with a wiggly little one on my lap in those precious early hours.

What I have found to work is:  Once everyone is up and functioning, I steal away for a few minutes with a cup of coffee and a devotional.  My two favorites are:  Not Just a Hearer, but a Doer  and  Homeschooling for Eternity.  Both of these books are uplifting, God-focused, easy reads that help put the rest of the day on the right track.

Someday I'll be able to have those leisurely extended time of communion with my Lord and Savior. But until then, I know He'll meet me for short visits throughout the day!


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