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Throughout the years, The Critical Thinking Co. has been a part of our homeschool experience.  Starting with Pre-K Can you Find Me SeriesMind Benders, and others have come along side my children as they move through their learning.

When my second born needed some work on his English mechanics foundation, I knew Language Smarts Level E would be a good place for him to start.

Language Smarts E Critical Thinking Co

Language Smarts Level E

Language Smarts Level E is geared towards the fourth grade.  With over 400 pages of colorful but not distracting learning, this tool will help your child improve in reading, writing, spelling, mechanics, grammar and of course thinking skills.  Language Smarts Level E can be used as a core curriculum or as a supplement to your choice of Language Arts curriculum.

Within the pages of Language Smarts Level E, your child will learn:

  • Word Parts

  • Word Relationships

  • Spelling

  • Reference Materials

  • Pats of Speech

  • Sentences

  • Punctuation

  • Using Words Correctly

  • Reading and Writing



-Genres of Literature

  • Writing





In Language Smarts Level E, thinking skills are integrate into each lesson making the student carefully analyze what they are learning.


As the books progresses through the lessons from syllables, prefixes, suffixes, roots and more, there's an effective and predictable collection of fill-in-the-blanks, crossword puzzles, word searches and scrambles.


In the writing section there's plenty of opportunities for your child to show their creative side with the freedom to construct and create their own content.


The Mechanics section is a great reinforcement of basic skills like capitalization and punctuation.


I was also very please to see excerpts from Editor-in-Chief and Writing Detective.  Two former favorite learning favorites also from The Critical Thinking Co.!


Language Smarts Level E guarantees top performance on assessment tests, including:

Criterion Reference Test (CRT)
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills® (ITBS®)
Otis-Lennon Scholastic Abilities Test® (OLSAT®)
California Achievement Test (CAT)
and more!

Our Experience with Language Smarts Level E

Eventhough this is marked for the fourth grade, my high schooler desperately needed some spot tuning in his English grammar/punctuation.  For this reason, we did skip around in the book.  HOWEVER, in looking over this curriculum, I can confidently say that it is complete and any busy mom could pick this up and run with it as it is thorough and easy to use for their sole Language Arts curriculum.


My high schooler thought this was easy to use and was a great help without feeling like he was being 'beaten to death' with workbook pages.


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