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In  Commissioned , the first game released from Chara Games, you can walk in the Apostles shoes of the early church by building new churches, sending out missionaries, and assembling the New Testament.

Commissioned is a 2-6 player, historically-themed, cooperative-style game that plays in about an hour.  Each player becomes an apostle and must work together .  The great thing is, you don't have to know anything about Christianity to play!


Commissioned by Chara Games Review

To play this game, first you must set up the board.


Take the 3 decks of trail cards and decide which decks you will combine based on the level of difficulty you want.  When these cards run out, the game ends.  The object of the game is to complete your scenario before these cards run out.


Place the stops in the inkwell on the board and the church members on the bread.  Next set up the scenario according to the card you choose.  Pick from "Acts of the Apostles", "Peter's Gentile Outreach", "The First Missionary Journeys", "Appeal to Caesar", and "To the End of the Earth".


Set up the Faith deck with the appropriate place value.


Each person chooses an Apostle board.  Choose from Andrew, Barnabas, James, John, Paul or Peter.  Each Apostle has a specific ability.  Create a faith pile using 2 cards from each value and add the 6 apostle cards to it.


Select an elder and give them the staff.  For more challenging play, the message dice also goes to the elder at this time.


Each turn is played in a series of rounds and follows an order of play.  Arm, Live, and Mature


In Arm phase, the board is set up and each Apostles' Faith Cards are drawn into their hand.



In Live phase, Trials, Pray, Share, Move and Grow are completed.  These steps are repeated based on the number of players in the game.  First, a  Trial card is chosen and the resulting actions apply to where the elder is located.  To execute the trial, follow the instructions on the card for that specific location.


In Pray, everyone picks 2 cards that will help in this trial.  These cards are placed face down in the pray box of their Apostle card.  Flip the pray cards over and the elder can choose a total of 2 cards and play them.  All left over cards go in the Apostles discard pile.  At the end of the turn, missionaries and church members are moved.  Add growth to church and choose to play two of the cards that are face up.


Then add up the points on the cards to get more cards from the faith desk to replenish your pile.


The elders staff goes to the next person and the cycle starts again.


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Our Experience with Commissioned from Chara Games

When we received the box with Commissioned, we were all eager to open it.  The box and board and Apostles play cards are made of a most wonderfully strong and durable cardboard.  The game board set up itself if beautiful!


This game definitely challenged my older kids and helped them get a better grasp of living in the time of the Apostles.  There are enough variations to hold interest.  It's not an easy game, but, a very educational one on a historical and spiritual level!


I also liked that you did not need to have foreknowledge of Christianity in order to play.  Therefore, I think it would make a great family game or a holiday game for those relatives you don't see that often.  Definitely a conversation starter!


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