Chemistry 101 from The 101 Series Review


Chemistry 101 from The 101 Series Review

We were faced with a dilemma.  My 15 year old wanted to take Chemistry to fulfill a science credit but I didn't know how we'd go about making sure he understood all the material plus execute the labs.  And then I was given the chance to try out Chemistry 101 An Overview of God's Chemical World from The 101 Series!


Chemistry 101 contains about 155 hours worth of projects and over 30 hours of labs geared for the high school student all from a Biblical Worldview.   The course is very flexible and you can pick and choose which projects you do and when you do them.


Chemistry 101 includes:
● Using the DVD's and Guidebook
● Making a Chemistry 101 Notebook to record all your work
● Research and lab reports
● Interesting discussion questions
● Conducting labs using items mostly found around your home
● Taking field trips
● Using resources on the web and at your local library


Topics covered are:

Introduction and the Last Alchemist

Birth of Modern Chemistry

The Bold Russian

Lots of Mystery Rays

The Likeable Rutherford

The Periodic Table at Last

The Periodic Table - Main Group

The Periodic Table, Quantum Mechanics

Neutrons, Isotopes and Ions

Compounds and Molecules Part1

Compounds and Molecules Part 2

Balancing Equations

Essentials Warp-up

The Four Main Columns

Non-Metals and Poor Metals

Transition Metals

Rare Earth & Radioactive Metals

The Future of Chemistry Part 1

The Future of Chemistry Part 2


There are also discussion questions, reading & research, labs, and quizzes that are included in the 128 paged printable Guidebook.


The main component of this curriculum is the videos.  But, in order to help organize the flow of materials, a comprehensive, yet flexible schedule is included.


1015A sampling from the DVD's


Rare Earth and Radioactive Metals


Your host, Wes


Periodic Table of Elements

1014Fascinating facts and eye catching graphics



Our experience with Chemistry 101 from The 101 Series

These videos pack a lot of information into a short time frame of 20-45 minutes.  The topics were presented in such a way that facts were retained as shown by the discussion questions and resulting rabbit trailing off each subject.

The labs are effortlessly woven into the DVD and easy to duplicate in your own home.  Despite that fact, my son thought they were too easy.  From my own experience I know I've used similar labs in teaching middle schoolers with great success.


Final thoughts on Chemistry 101 from The 101 Series

These videos are very informative and enjoyable.  While the labs may have been on the light side, the resulting discussions from the material was very good!  Adding in the additional readings, quizzes and research make this series pretty well rounded.   For a student who isn't going to be studying advanced chemistry or advanced science, I think these would be a good fit for their high school years.


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