Charlie & Noel - An Advent Calendar Story

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Looking for reading materials to go along with your family's Advent adventure?  Check out Charlie & Noel - An Advent Calendar Story.

This book is a great tool with a fun story and little activities to do with your 4-10 year olds during the season.

Charlie and Noel: An Advent Calendar Story Review

Charlie & Noel – An Advent Calendar Story is a story in 25 chapters to read as a family with children (4-10 years old), one for every day of Advent. You will get to know Charlie, a little boy who wishes he could just skip the whole waiting part and jump right into the presents. But Charlie doesn’t realize what he would miss or just how many magical moments the season has waiting for him.
This book is for families who
• Love spending time reading as a family
• Are looking for new traditions for the season leading up to Christmas
• Want to help their children think about the true meaning of Christmas
• Would like a slower, simpler pace that leads to a truly meaningful holiday
• Want to teach their children about the joy of anticipation
• Are looking for ideas for fun Advent activities.


With that, I'm looking for resources to share this anticipation with my children without creating more work and less joy for the household.


The author writes:
"However, the Advent season can also be a time of stress, impatience, and exhaustion. It can quickly turn into a bad dream if you are stretched to your limit and unsure about how to meet all of the expectations that come with the Holidays....

.....In this Advent season, put aside some quiet family time, read one short chapter, and talk about some of the issues raised by the story with your children. At the end of each Advent day, you’ll also find discussion starters and ideas for additional activities. Join us in our journey, enjoy some precious time with the people you love most, and travel thoughtfully through this wonderful season together."





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