Black Friday and Beyond - Deals and More!



Black Friday & Beyond Deals and More Cyber Monday


If you are like me, you are doing your Christmas shopping online.  Curricula, devotionals, cosmetics, natural cleaning, accessories, apparel and more are just some of the deals you'll find in this post.  This is my way of saying "Thanks" to the many readers of Tales of a Homeschool Family who are also small business owners.



Are you looking to expand your visibility and reach on social media?  Need a Virtual Assistant or help with copy editing?  Social Media Services and More by Lisa can help. Contact Lisa at for more information.




The early bird gets the specials! Visit consultant Cheli Sigler to get yours!




Want to support a true “small business” this holiday season? How about a business run by children? Make it Happen kids are four sisters, banding together to raise money for travel, homeschool adventures and fun. From pet-sitting to babysitting, to commissioned art work, and tour guide services, the Kimball Girls are versatile and determined. If their menu of services on their Facebook pages doesn’t have something that matches your needs, you can visit their Etsy page for a cute bag made by the girls!  Check them out on Facebook AND Etsy.make-it-happen


Looking for specials on Usbourne Books?  Check out the deals and more at Cynthia Heren's Usbourne Facebook page!




After the birth of my second child I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been. Pushing close to 200 pounds I was uncomfortable in my own skin. That summer I had the privilege of being in my brother’s wedding, which meant I had to leave the apartment. Needing new shorts I ventured into Target with my two kids in tow, but the shopping session ended with me crying in the fitting room with my sweet toddler asking, “Why you crying Momma?” We discovered a program called Power 90 on an infomercial while on the trip. Highly skeptical and more than a little argumentative, I finally purchased the program half a year later. It was hard, I did it by myself with the kids crawling all over me. But I did it. So, I became a Beachbody coach to help other moms like me, who feel hopeless but want to make a change for the better. I help people reach their own personal health and fitness goals through challenge groups, helping you learn healthy eating and exercise habits and creating a healthier lifestyle, NOT a quick fix diet. To see my Black Friday Sales, find healthy tips and recipes, and sign up for a challenge group visit my website.  Consultant Heather Dubay.





Learn while having a BLAST!  Homeschool with Minecraft is offering 50% off all of their classes from now until midnight Sunday!  Story of the World, Dr. Who, Math, Art, and HAVE to check them out!





Grow your own food...grow a healthier you!  Tower Gardens from Juice Plus and consultant Rikki Eloian





Check out this sale from All Things Homeschool.  On deep discount, imperfect copies of All Things Homeschool OR All Things Homeschool AND The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study.  No additional charge for shipping.  See website for details.





"Losing weight is more than just a physical transformation. Not looking like your own mother anymore takes a lot of mental regrouping! I lost over 40 pounds, and I have stayed steady with no rebound. I don't diet, I integrated and embraced a healthy lifestyle that is simple, effective, and consistent. I used ALL of the tools, and am in my 9th IsaBody Challenge. I will be 54 this month. The friendships I have made, and continue to make, on this journey are priceless. I am honored and grateful to belong to this exquisite healthy culture." If you would like to improve your nutrition, find greater energy, and generally enhance your overall well being, I'd love to help. Incredible business opportunity, with a company that provides award-winning training. Contact me on Facebook or email to customize a system for your health needs. *Not a diet program* Premium sports nutrition for athletes *and the rest of us*





We are AbbieGrace Designs on Etsy, making handmade baby carrier pads, nursing scarves, and other fun products for babies and their families.
All made by a homeschooling mama in her 26th year of teaching her 6 children and 2 grandchildren!





Close To My Heart is back with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials for crafters of all types! Hello planners, stampers, scrapbookers, and card-makers! We also have everything you need for creating one-of-a-kind gifts and home decor! Shop November 25-28th and you'll receive a bonus free gift from me!





Local to Central Florida?  Book your session today! Memories in Pictures by The Carr Family




Check out these deals on lovely Lila Rose Hair Accessories from consultant Heather Mason!





doTERRA is featuring their diffusers and offering a special enrollment package.  Check out consultant Tiffaney Mc Carthy's website for more information!




You can start a REAL home based business for only $19. Marketing an online shopping club with high quality but very affordable prices. Company is a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing. No selling, no inventory, no home parties, no catalogs, no kit to buy. Only $19 to open a member account. SPECIAL - right now it's only $1 to open an account! This is one of the most exciting business opportunities I've come across. Products that we all use everyday. Not over-priced and no huge buy in cost for a start up kit. Club members can earn great referrals for helping others open an account.  Email for more information!





Jamberry is having Black Friday Specials all weekend long. Some are good only on Friday, others on Saturday and Sunday and then all new specials roll out on Cyber Monday.

Sales start at 9am Mountain time but don't delay ordering because there are limited supplies of many items.

For everybody placing an order, I will send you a free sheet of wraps out of my stash. Please feel free to email me with any questions: Thanks for your business, Beth Gleason





Hello, Hello! I am excited to share a smokin' hot deal on LuLaRoe with you! Have you tried our buttery soft leggings? Are Irma, Cassie, Nicole and Randy your best friends??!
LuLaRoe addict or novice alike will LOVE the smokin' hot deal on Gift Certificates I'm offering TODAY November 25th only!


SPECIAL DEAL: Order your printable LuLaRoe Julie Buckner Gift Certificates . Choose from $25, $50 or $100 values. **Receive a bonus $5 for every $25 your spend!** So you'll turn your $25 into $30, $50 into $60, $100 into $120! Holy savings! Extra LuLaRoe Money for FREE! Yay!


Your friend, sister, mom, teacher, hair stylist or secret Santa will be singing Sleigh Bells for some LuLaRoe lovelies! These extra special gift certificates can be used by shopping thru my Facebook VIP Shopping Group. Hop on over and take a peek at my collection! New inventory arrives each week!


See you soon and may you find #allthepretties!

Julie Buckner


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