The Search for the Perfect Planner and Why I Made My Own

In our search for the perfect planner, I discovered one truth.  It doesn't exist!!!

At the beginning of this year, each child wanted to have their own planner.  Which was really cool UNTIL 4 planners needed to be tracked down and found and refound throughout the school day.  UGH!  Who thought that was a good idea???


The Search for the Perfect Planner and Why I Made My Own Tales of a Homeschool Family


In between time I found a really cool online schedule/planner called Homeschool Planet that I LOVED...but...with our schedule changing and needing to be tweaked almost daily the lack of being able to access it via my less-than-smart smart phone proved unworkable.

This left us back at square one .... the old fashioned paper method.

Searching for the perfect planner

I enjoyed looking at all the pretty spiral bound, colorful planners, but, didn't like the price.  So, that lead me to Donna Young's website where I found a downloadable format that would work for my 4 kids.


schedule 3


As far as color went, I'd have to provide that.  Fortunately we are well stocked in the pen/marker category.


Then there was the issue of planners/calendars continuously sprouting legs and wandering off.  An inexpensive clipboard and a pack of stick-on magnets solved that problem!


schedule 1


And now my frugal, colorful planner sits perfectly perched on the side of the refrigerator for all to see.  Best of all, I'm only writing assignments once AND it's easy for all to read and follow.


Let's Change that Planner....again! {Real Life Homeschool}


How have you solved your planner issues?



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