Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition


The Young Explorers series from Apologia Educational Ministries is the perfect way to introduce specific areas of science to grade school children through notebooking and hands-on activities all with a Biblical Worldview.

Many years ago we got our first taste of this high quality publisher with Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  It was a wonderful experience!  But now, my 6 year old gets to start his formal science learning with the updated Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd edition!

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Typically starting with Astronomy, the series progresses with Botany, Swimming Creatures, Flying Creatures, Land Animals, Chemistry and Physics and Anatomy.




Exploring Creation with Astronomy contains 14 flexible lessons with at least 2 hands-on activities per lesson:

Lesson 1:  What is Astronomy

Lesson 2:  The Sun

Lesson 3 :  Mercury

Lesson 4:  Venus

Lesson 5:  Earth

Lesson 6:  The Moon

Lesson 7:  Mars

Lesson 8:  Space Rock

Lesson 9:  Jupiter

Lesson 10:  Saturn

Lesson 11:  Uranus

Lesson 12:  Neptune

Lesson 13:  Kuiper Belt and the Dwarf Planets

Lesson 14:  Stars, Galaxies and Space Travel


Author Jeannie Fullbright presents the material in the text as conversation in tone.  The book is great used either as a read aloud or read alone by the older child.  Either way, your student will be enthralled by the topic throughout each lesson!


In this updated version, more and varying activities are included.  The photographs are also updated which really help to show the concept being presented.  This is a fabulous addition!


Liberally sprinkled within the text are opportunities to notebook, or write down what the student has remembered.  And, that's where Apologia Notebook Journals come in.  Though not necessary to use the program, they add an element of fun, splash and color!



Two versions are available to meet your homeschool needs.  A Junior version for beginning writers and a regular version for Older Children.




In laying these versions side by side, both map out a daily schedule geared towards the age of the student very well.


In looking further at a lesson, there's equal opportunity for notebooking of facts over the chapter.  The key difference between the version is the spacing of the lines.  For very young and inexperienced writers, having mom write as the child narrates would also work.


An an example, in Lesson 1 learning opportunities include:  Fascinating Facts and Personal Reflections on Astronomy, Create Your Own Mnemonic, Scripture Copywork Psalm 19:1, What is Astronomy Matchbook, Crossword Puzzle, Build a Model Solar System and Take it Further.  The last part of the lesson is either a What Do You Remember section for the older students or coloring pages for the younger.


That's just Lesson 1!

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Also to aid learning, Apologia makes full audio text of their courses on cd.  Great for audio learners and avid car schoolers!!!

Our Experience with Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition

Throughout the years we've used Apologia's Young Explorers series all the way up through their high school Physics curriculum.  Our very first taste was Exploring Creation with Astronomy.   It was a great way to kick off our formal science learning without being overwhelmed with difficult concepts or a long list of hard to find items to complete the hands on learning/labs.


Now that those kids are older, I get the privilege of using the updated version with my youngest.  He's a space enthusiast and this curriculum really helps add to this knowledge and excitement!  And I'm equally excited knowing he's building a solid science foundation with a Biblical Worldview!


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