Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Starter Set I Review

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review




Learning another language is a worthy endeavor.  The best way to accomplish this is through the immersion method where the language is freely heard and then repeated in interactive form.  Plus it should be fun and memorable.


 Foreign Language for Kids by Kids Review Tales of a Homeschool Family

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Starter Set 1 accomplishes this.


Starter Set 1 includes:

One DVD with videos for Levels 1-3

Three Parent-Teacher Guides with lesson plans

Card Game

Workbooks for Levels 1-3

Stickers for Levels 1-3


Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is based on a video series that helps give school aged children a conversational foundation in Spanish.


The approach to learning language is simple, "Using their minds to figure out meaning through context and clues related to common experiences."  - Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Teaching Manual


Corresponding with this series, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids supplements the video portion with workbooks, sticker sets, flashcards, hands-on board game and other interactive online quizzes and games.


What is wonderful about this curriculum is that you don't have to speak Spanish to use it.  A thorough guide is included for each of the 3 levels which clearly and concisely lays out each lesson.  Most of the learning is done via the video sessions.


At the beginning of each lesson is a written video summary for the parents to look at.  Then a list of vocabulary words with the translation is provided.


After watching the video, additional activities are suggested.  These all have easy to follow directions for implementation.  Some activities include:  Geography of Spanish speaking countries, placing stickers written in Spanish on the correct English objects, physical fitness games and more.


The workbook pages are vibrant, full-colored and eye-catching through and through!  Examples of the contents are word to picture matches, word finds, fill in the blank with the spanish phrase, yes or no questions, word scrambles, secret codes, crossword puzzles, grammar instruction, geography, idioms plus an answer key.

Each level builds on the previous one.  In Level One, Basket Balls Aren't for Breakfast, your child will learn:

Breakfast foods

Donde Estan

Me Gust

Si or No

Grande or Pequeno,

El, la, los,  and las

Aqui and Ahi

Plus meet Squisher, the International Inchworm who helps teach Spanish.


In Level 2, The Little Magic House, your child will learn:

Items in a room


Este-Ese, Esta-Esa


Ser and Estar


Conjugations of Comer


In Level 3, The Little Magic House Part 2, your child will learn:

A variety of everyday words


Simple everyday phrases

Conjugation of Gustar and Tener

Our Experience with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

I reviewed this curriculum with my 6 year old.  He LOVED the video segments and could easily keep up with Level One.  for him,, there was a big jump in difficulty from Level 1 to Level 2.  So, we continued to watch the video lessons and do some of the games as he was able.  His favorite was Go Squish which is similar to Go Fish except uses Spanish words with their matching picture counterparts.

All in all, our time spent with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids was a positive one!


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