Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd Review

Interested in using your voice to boost your brain?  Check out Forbrain from Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd . 


 Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd Review

Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd Review

The human body is amazing, down to the most minute detail.  Our auditory system is no exception!  Hearing is achieved once sound is captured by the outer ear, travels to the middle ear and through three tiny bones.  Then this sound is translated through the cochlea vestibule nerve in the inner ear into electronic impulses which then are sent on to the auditory nerve in the brain.  Sounds can also be transmitted through the bones in our head via vibrations.  This is called bone conduction.

In normal functioning individuals, the audio-vocal loop or auditory feedback loop perceives, analyzes, interprets and adjusts this information  as it comes into the brain.  In some individuals, this loop may be interrupted or incomplete.  A device called Forbrain optimizes this audio-vocal loop and can help improve attention, concentration, verbal working memory and short term memory.


What is a Forbrain?



Forbrain is a headphone/microphone looking contraption that gives off a high frequency vibration to help the user create and process sound.   It blocks out environmental noise allowing the isolation of the user's voice.  This gives the nervous system a sensory workout and promotes improvement in reading, sensitivity to noise and self-confidence.  By using Forbrain and their dynamic filter, the sensory system becomes trained to more efficiently integrate sounds.



Reading and writing - helps with clarity, comprehension and ease of reading.

Verbal or Short Term Memory - using Forbrain activates auditory pathways helping you access memory more easily.

Attention and Ability to Say on Task - by addressing sound perception, Forbrain enhances sound processing which aids in sustained attention allowing for clearer thinking.

Concentration and Focus - Consist use of Forbrain improves focus and ability to stay on task.

Speech, Pronunciation and Fluency - Forbrain stimulates bone conduction which improves pronunciation skills through clarity and sensory integration.

Motivation, Self-esteem, and Self-confidence - Forbrain works directly with the nervous system which helps the user improve their confidence.  This in turn can motivate the individual into action and success.


Our Experience with Forbrain

My 12 year old daughter was chosen to try Forbrain.  When she was much younger, she suffered a traumatic brain injury.  This caused her to be delayed in reading and spelling.  At about age 10, she caught up with verbal reading fluency.  However, she still deals with delayed spelling, concentration and sometimes short term memory.

I was eager to see if Forbrain could help her in these areas.

Using their guide,  she wore and used Forbrain for 15 minutes a day for about 6 weeks.  It was easy enough to slip the Forbrain over her ears, letting the Bone Conductor Transducers rest on the bone in front of her ears.  The device itself is quite comfortable and mostly unnoticeable in feeling.  During the time she wore Forbrain, she did verbal memory work, reading aloud, singing and open dialogue with her siblings.

Unfortunately for us, we did not see much improvement in her concentration or memory.  I wonder if this would have been more effective for her when she was younger.  However, I'm happy to report, it did help her pitch in singing - and this in turn helped her self confidence!

This is an incredibly innovative and unique device.  I would encourage anyone with a child having an auditory processing problem to check it out!


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