Traditional Logic 1 Review


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Logic is an often taught subject for many classical oriented homeschoolers.  Traditional Logic 1 from Memoria Press makes teaching Logic systematically to your 7th grader and older children easy with their own kit of workbooks and instructional dvd's.




Traditional Logic 1 Review


Traditional Logic 1 utilizes traditional logic, which is the study of classical syllogism (a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn).  This was largely laid down by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle.  Formal logic is presented, so the discussion of informal fallacies is absent.

"Like a house, a logical mind is best build upon a solid structure."  -Traditional Logic 1 Book


The Traditional Logic Kit consists of Introduction to Formal Logic Student Workbook, Quizzes and Tests, Teacher Key and Instructional DVD's.


Your student will learn:

Simple Apprehension

-What is Simple Apprehension?

-Comprehension and Extension

-Signification and Supposition


-What is Judgement?

-The Four Statements of Logic

-Contradictory and Contrary Statements

-Subcontraries and Subalterns

-Distribution of Terms

-Obversion, Conversion and Contraposition

Deductive Inference

-What is Deductive Inference?

-Terminological Rules for Categorical Syllogisms

-Quantitative Rules for Categorical Syllogisms

-Qualitative Rules for Categorical Syllogisms



Each of the 14 chapters are broken down into 5 day work segments.  The first day is the reading material covering that week's topic.  The next 4 days consist of specific questions pertaining to the text in which the student rereads that particular section to answer the questions. Plus a short review section at the end of each lesson.


The Instructional DVD's included in the set are wonderful tools to comprehending each lessons material as it is presented.  It's like having an experienced logic teacher in your own home!


Our experience with Traditional Logic 1


It is certainly a novel idea and desire to teach our children to properly use logic instead of popular opinion when judging information.  Our household is no exception to that desire.  With that in mind, my 7th and 9th graders set out to use Traditional Logic 1.


Almost right off the bat, my 7th grader is struggling.  Even with the instructional DVDs, it is too much for her.  Realizing that this is a course geared toward older children (though some advanced 7th and 8th graders can use it), I continue with my 9th grader undeterred.


While my older student is able to move through the book and appears to learn it for that particular chapter, his retention of the material into the next chapter is low. We slow down our pace, but, his retention does not improve.  I'll revisit this program with my 9th grader next year.


So, while we have many friends who use Memoria Press and their Logic programs successfully, this just wasn't a good fit for us at this time.


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