Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Review

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Institute for Excellence in Writing has long been synonymous with homeschooling and writing.  But did you know they are also publishers of poetry memorization?


In Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization, Andrew Pudewa states the reason why it's beneficial to memorize poetry, "You can't get something out of a child's brain that isn't in there to begin with."



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Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization

Now poetry memorization makes sense!  It benefits the child neurologically, and both in heart and spirit.


Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization takes the mastery approach to learning.  Which is simply being able to know every word in its' correct place and then being able to recite it with fluency, speed, pronunciation and inflection.


This curriculum follows 4 principles:

  1. The earlier you start, the better.

  2. The parent is the best teacher.

  3.  Learning is best when deeply immersed

  4.  As new material is learned keep reviewing the old material.


Level 1 starts with short verses, building on one another as the student moves through the book.  The audio cd's are used to recite the poem together as a family and then practiced on their own. Multi stanza poems are to be learned and mastered in sections. Recitations are repeated every school day until the poem can be recited correctly, easily and without hesitation.  Students move through this flexible program at their own pace, reviewing the previous poem as they advance.


This program is to be completed over several years. It's divided into 4 levels to grow with your child.


In utilizing this program, all students start with Level One and receive their own copy of a Level One check list.  On this paper are all the poems listed for that level plus a calendar checklist. Beginning with the poem "Ooey Gooey", the checklist is worked through.   Memorization is worked on day by day, poem by poem at the student's pace both with the audio cds and without. Then progress is recorded on their chart.


Our experience with Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization


When I introduced this program to my 17, 15, 12 and 6 year olds, I got a lot of eye rolling. Prior to reading research about the benefits of memorizing poetry, I had had the exact same reaction.  But since I knew that doing this work would be a benefit to all my children we gave it a whirl.  While I can't say that they loved every minute of it, they did have fun and I know for certain they are putting quality vocabulary and grammar into their brains.


One thing is for certain.  This curriculum will last for a very long time and is a good investment.


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