The Pursuit of Awesome!

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The Pursuit of Awesome!


I want to be awesome.

At least awesome in one area of life.  I'd like to be able to pin point a specific area of my life and whole heartedly exclaim "I am awesome at ___________."

My quest for awesome began when I started reading Jon Acuff's book,  Start.




But here's my question...

How can a person be awesome when they are average at a plethora of things.

I have had brief periods of awesomeness but never a sustained state of "awesome."

I am undoubtedly a Jack-of-all trades but a Master-of-none.  A chameleon if you will.  I can do just about anything well in the short-term, but, not one thing is seared across my portrait when it comes to "AWESOME"

I can easily find the awesomeness in others.  But yet fall short of this myself.

I have to wonder if I'm the only one.

Does anyone else function in a wide myriad of roles and master none?

Tell me, are you a jack-of-all trades or a master-of-one?

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