The Pencil Grip, Inc Review & Giveaway

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The Pencil Grip Review

A proper pencil grip is essential for future writing success.  Unless you have an attentive instructor who is right there to correct your grip, it's easy to slip into bad form. Correcting that form can be very difficult!


correct and incorrect handwriting chart the pencil grip review www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths


The Pencil Grip, Inc Review


The Pencil Grip, Inc has done away with the burden of grip training and retraining!

Starting with Step 1 is the Crossover Grip.   This fantastic design with wings makes it impossible to overlap fingers while writing!


The Pencil Grip, Inc Review


This grip can also be used in retraining.  My second born is doing just that!


-The Pencil Grip Review 1


Once mastered, Step 2 is the Pinch Grip.  Again, a cinch to incorporate and use by gently guiding fingers in position.


-The Pencil Grip Review 3


Finally, Step 3 The Pencil Grip.


-The Pencil Grip Review 4


Each grip is clearly marked with a "L" for left and a "R" for right.  Lefties place their thumb on the "L", Righties place their thumb on the "R".  Fingers fall naturally into place.


The Pencil Grip, Inc Review and Giveaway Which Grip is Write for Me the pencil grip review www.talesofhomeschoolfamily.taberstruths


These grips fit most pencils and pens.  Plus they are Latex and Philate free and available in plain, metallic, and neon colors!

Purchase these grips separately or in a 3-step training kit


As a special giveaway for Tales of a Homeschool Family readers, you can enter to win a 3-Step Pencil Grip Kit.  Two kits are up for grabs!


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  1. Yes!!! My son received a birthday card from his great grandma and couldn't read it! I find it a shame they don't teach cursive anymore- working it into our summer this year.

  2. Yes, I think it's important for children to be able to read historical documents and have a customized signature instead of an easy to forge print signature

  3. Yes, cursive is important.

  4. My dyslexic son has an easier time with cursive than print. I feel it is at the very least, important to be able to read cursive since most important historical documents are written in cursive cursive.

  5. Yes! I am fortunate to have my children in a school that still teaches it, though I know a lot do not. It is so important to have for them to learn how to sign their name and read important documents!

  6. Yes, it is important children learn to read and write cursive.

  7. I think learning cursive is essential

  8. Yes, I think teaching cursive is still important. It would be a shame for it to become a lost art, with no one left who can even read it!

  9. Crystal Rogers WalkerFebruary 9, 2016 at 8:31 AM

    I think it is very important for us and our children to know how to write in cursive because it will be needed when they are grown

  10. Yes I do think it is very important