DIY Stained Glass Window Craft

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Studying Medieval or Church History or Architecture and need a craft?  How about making your own stained glass windows?


DIY Stained Glass Window Craft 4


DIY Stained Glass Window Craft

You'll need:

Black construction paper

A pencil

An x-acto knife

Tissue paper in multiple colors cut into squares

Glue stick

DIY Stained Glass Window Craft 3


I've been asked if I got my pattern off the internet.  The truth is, I made it myself. I'm not the craftiest person by any means, but, within a few tries, I had a rough drawing of what I imagined a stained glass window would look like.   I drew 1/2 of the semi-circle, cut out the sections and then laid it on a full sheet of paper in order to draw a full semi-circle.  (You don't have to make it a semi-circular shape, just about any shape will do.)


After you trace each window in pencil, place the construction paper over a piece of cardboard and carefully cut out those drawn sections with an x-acto knife.  (NOTE:  this is best done by an adult!)


Next, place a sheet of tissue paper over each cut-out section to make sure it fits.  You do want it to overlap some so that you can glue it down to the construction paper.  Once you have a piece that fits, apply the glue stick TO the construction paper.  Continue for the rest of the window, alternating colors .


DIY Stained Glass Window Craft 1


Once completed, it can be hung in the window of your home.  Just make sure the window doesn't sweat --- or else, your child's creation will be ruined.


DIY Stained Glass Window Craft 1


Recently, I used this craft with a short teaching on the history of stained glass for our art co-op.  My class was 3-5th graders.  If teaching to a younger crowd, a 1/2 window can be used.


DIY Stained Glass Window Craft 2


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