American History: Observations & Assessments from Early Settlement to Today Review

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That was my reaction after reading through American History: Observations & Assessments from Early Settlement to Today


American History: Observations & Assessments from Early Settlement to Today Review

This curriculum is comprised of 34 chapters with 5 lessons each.  Each lesson consists of a short reading section with critical thinking questions and will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.  Some of these questions can be deduced from the reading, some require thinking 'outside the box' and a few require you to search out the answer in other materials.   At the end of each week's lessons is a short exam.

Starting with Pre-Colombian Civilizations, author James Stobaugh takes the student on an engaging journey through American History all with a Christian Worldview.

In addition to the increased length of the readings, are the improved Critical Thinking Questions.  They vary from "Which came first, racism or slavery?" to a variety of comparison charts that appear throughout the study to researching a list of Presidents and writing a paragraph about their most memorable accomplishment.  These questions are greater in number and depth than in New Leaf Press' British History and World History.

Another thing I really liked about this study was that it did not *smash* the 1970's to the present together into one mind-numbing lump.  The author does a wonderful job moving through the Presidential eras of Kennedy through Obama plus hitting contemporary issues of abortion, health care, terrorism, euthanasia and even homeschooling!

In addition, scattered through the book are sections on Philosophers, Preachers, and Historical Debates of the time which really give the student insight to how day-to-day life was during that particular era.

Whether your child has little knowledge of American History or is a walking Encyclopedia, I think most High Schoolers will enjoy this study.

Though lacking in mapwork and literature selections, this curriculum definitely makes up for it in depth and broadness of information!


Author note:  As of the November, we have switched to using this curriculum with my 9th grader with great success!


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  1. So I see you scratched MFW High School and went with this. Any particular reason? I used MFW from K-8th grade, but went a different route for high school so I'm always curious why people sway away from MFW high school.

  2. I should add... Stobaugh's History and Literature were on my "short list" of choices when we decided to leave MFW.

  3. Hi Trena,

    The emphasis on the Ancient World and Ancient Literature just wasn't a good fit for my second born. After spending years with Tapestry of Grace and doing indepth readings and then switching to MFW for highschool, it was obvious that he needed something that was a bit more fast paced.

    Thanks for visiting and reading!

  4. Stobaugh's Literature programs are thorough and heavy duty!!! If you go that route, definitely pick and choose which selections to do!!