The Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

Brinkman Adventures

Do you love listening and learning on the go like we do?  While you are on the road do you wish for quality materials to listen to instead of playing with the radio dial up and down the frequency spectrum in search of something family friendly?


The Brinkman Adventures is a Christian audio drama series that is perfect for carschooling.  All ages will be inspired as they learn about God's provision and grace in the lives of world missionaries! In the newest release, Season 3, the listener is treated to more worldwide adventures of the faithful!


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The Brinkman Adventures Season 3

This series set includes 4 cd's with over 5 hours of content!  That breaks down into 12 -  1/2 hour episodes!  Contents include:

God’s Mule

Mountain Mover

The Silent Ambassador

Translating Trouble


Acorns & Oaks

A Saint’s Story, Pt. 1

A Saint’s Story, Pt. 2


Busy Bees and a Bullhorn

Missionary Tourist, Pt. 1

Missionary Tourist Pt. 2

Also interesting were the stories behind the stories!

Our experience with The Brinkman Adventures Season 3

For this review of Season 3, my listeners were ages 17, 14, 12 and 6.  After reading the other season's reviews from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I was thrilled to see my oldest three hooked by these stories.  Especially heart provoking was God's Mule, which is the account of Tomas Gomez who brought forbidden Bibles into Russia.  This story made my children think about the times when they felt discontented with what they have.  Here's the story of a man who joyfully gave up all just to be used by God.  He prayed specifically to be used by God in a big way and that he was. Thomas was the answer to many prayers for Bibles within communist Russia for Christians!


Through this wonderful cd set, my children were were enthralled with account after account of God answering prayers for protection and provision.   And that in turn encouraged my children to never forget that not matter how big or how small, God does answer prayer!


As for my 6 year old, this series wasn't for him just yet.  He could have listened to the stories without the need for censorship - however,  he is a mover and a shaker and just doesn't have the focus to listen for long.  However, I know he will enjoy these accounts of the faithful when he gets a little older.


Interested in checking out The Brinkman Adventures for you and your family?  They are offering a  download of 3 FREE episodes from Season 2 of The Brinkman Adventures Series for the month of November.  PLUS you can enter to win an entire season for free! Three winners will be chosen to receive a full season of The Brinkman Adventures.  For more details, click on over!


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