Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

For over 20 years, Standard Deviants has been providing educational videos that teach everything you need to know on a given subject.  Add activities to help create the perfect curriculum supplement and you have Standard Deviants Accelerate!


For this review, crew members were given a one year subscription to SDA's Homeschool Courses.

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

If you are looking for an online, video based learning environment for your homeschool, Standard Deviants Accelerate may be right for you.  Subjects include:


English Composition Grades 9+


Algebra grades Grades 7+

Arithmetic Grades 3+

Fundamental Mathematics  Grades 4+


Biology grade Grades 7+ (presented from a secular worldview)

Chemistry Grades 9+

Earth Science Grades 6+ (presented from a secular worldview)

Nutrition Grades 6+

Social Science

US History Grades 9+

Test Prep

AP American Government and Politics Grades 11+

AP Biology Grades 11+

AP Chemistry Grades 11+

AP English Language and Composition Grades 11+

AP US History Grades 11+

SD courses


After logging on, choose your desired class, and add your student(s) (child/children).

The next menu opens up to display the scope and sequence of the class.  Below is the menu for Nutrition.


SD Nutrition


Click on the topic of choice and watch a video on that topic or print the transcript to work on later.


sd nutrition 1


Next work on some vocabulary.  This section will look different depending on the grade level of the course.  For this one, it was pretty straight forward drag and drop.


sd nut 3

sd nut 2


Quizzes and Written Answer questions follow next.


SD nut 5

Checking out SDA's Chemistry course for the high school crowd!


sd chem 1

Algebra - I like that SDA directs you back to the video to allow the student to learn from their mistake!


SD algebra


The Test Prep courses:  AP American Government & Politics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English Language & Composition, AP US History prepares students with tips and tricks for navigating the test as well as accelerated review of topics.


Our Experience with Standard Deviants Accelerate

My main goal for asking to do this review was for my daughter to try out the Nutrition course.  My daughter is not the text book kind of girl, so I thought SDA might be a good fit for her.


I have to admit that the whole figuring out how to get her signed into her class was a bit confusing.  To me, there's a lot of nooks and crannies and clicking to navigate.


When I finally did get everything set, we started to watch the video. While the videos are informative, they are a bit on the silly side in my opinion.  While this may be great for some learners, it ended up being too much of a distraction for my daughter.


Undeterred, I wanted to see if the upper level class videos had the same 'feel' as what we witnessed in the Nutrition video.  Choosing Chemistry (a 9th grade and up course), the information presented did step it up a notch, but, the interjection of silliness really detracted from the presentation.


I can appreciate humor.  But for us, it was ill placed.


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