Old Testament Overview – PART 1 – LEVEL 1 Creation to Jacob Traceable Review!

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Ever stick figure through the Bible?  With Old Testament Overview - Part 1 Level 1 Creation to Jacob from GrapeVine Studies you can do just that!

Just how do you stick figure?

Grapevine Bible Studies differ from other studies not only in its' use of stick figure drawings, but in the manner that it breaks down sections of the Bible into small, bite-sized, digestible chunks of memorable information!

The authors of this program have uniquely come up with a method that draws kids out and gets them to interact with the Bible story they are studying by not only physically drawing, but, by drawing something that is easy, fun and that they will retain.



GrapeVine Studies OLD TESTAMENT OVERVIEW – PART 1 – LEVEL 1 Creation to Jacob


"Grapevine Studies teaches the Bible as if it were a puzzle, doing the frame first. Once the framework is in place (the timeline) then individual pieces (Bible passages, characters, and events) are much easier to place and understand in the context of the "whole puzzle" (the whole counsel of the Word of God)."  GrapeVine Teachers Manual.


Containing 45 daily lessons or 12 Weekly Lessons, Old Testament Overview is composed of:

  • Timeline

  • Creation

  • Adam and Eve

  • The Fall

  • Noah and the Flood

  • Tower of Babel

  • Section Review 

  • Job

  • Abraham 

  • Isaac 

  • Jacob 

  • Final Review

There are two components to this study.  First a Student/ Traceable Book which contains lessons pages, timelines, and memory verses.

Then there is a Teacher Book which contains lesson notes, timelines, stick figure drawings, lesson goals & key points, memory verses, and review questions & answers.

Supplies needed are colored pencils, whiteboard, dry erase markers, and bible study pages.


GrapeVine Studies OLD TESTAMENT OVERVIEW – PART 1 – LEVEL 1 Creation to Jacob


Our Experience with Old Testament Overview – PART 1 – LEVEL 1 Creation to Jacob

Previously, we've reviewed Wall Timelines, The Resurrection and Esther from GrapeVine Studies with the 3 oldest children.  It was a great way to have family Bible time and we all enjoyed these unique studies tremendously!


Knowing that I'd like to try stick figuring with my 6 year old, I was concerned that he would not be able to do the drawings.  Not to worry, because GrapeVine Studies have some titles with traceable pages!  Perfect!!


GrapeVine Studies Review Traceable www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com



GrapeVine Studies Review Traceable www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com1

Full color Teachers Guide!





Final Thoughts about GrapeVine Studies

Well, when I found out GrapeVine had traceable studies for the littler kids, I was excited to try them in our household.  My 6 year old is a definite mover and shaker but, will pause a bit to do some coloring activities.  While he enjoyed the scripture reading and looking at the traceable stick figuring drawings, he wasn't real thrilled with the actual tracing part.  I was surprised, but, after thinking it over we'll just put this aside for a few months and revisit it after the New Years.


Check out what other crew members had to say about this AND Birth of Jesus: Beginner & Multi-Level, Old Testament 1:  Level 1-4 all from Grapevine Studies.


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