Project Attraction from EEME Review

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Our fourth project from EEME, entitled Project Attraction, took my children another step further into the land of electronics.


We've been enjoying our journey with EEME.  My kids like learning something new and I like the fact that these kits turn up once a month on my door step already to go and I don't have to do any prep work OR lesson planning!


It's as easy as logging into EEME's project website, clicking on the project and following along with the video instruction!




Company founder and concerned parent Jack Pien was fed up with the “learning toys” on the market.  He decided to take a step in the STEM technology learning direction by bringing online lessons and monthly hands-on project kits to the public.


Project Attraction from EEME

Project Attraction from EEME Tales of a Homeschool Family 1


Project Attraction teaches 7-12 year olds about:
- Electro-magnetism
- Reed switches
- Electric current and heat

As with the other EEME lessons, safety and parental involvement are stressed.  Though most 7-12 year olds can do these projects on there own, parents MUST be present to supervise!


Once the Bread Board from the previous lessons is brought out and the "new" supplies are sorted, the student is ready to begin!


Project Attraction from EEME Tales of a Homeschool Family 2


There are 20 steps within the video portion of the EEME Project Attraction curriculum. These steps are broken down into bite sized chunks in order for the student to not only easily follow directions, but, to play back any steps that need a little extra work.  In between instructions are short quizzes with multiple choice answers and opportunities to give short answers to questions.


Project Attraction from EEME Tales of a Homeschool Family


EEME does a great job explaining the science behind the project!


eeme How Electricity Creates a Magnet


This picture was tricky to get as the Electro Magnetic apparatus got hot, very quickly.  But it did pick up a paper clip.


My kids also made the Reed Switch which turned on via the Electro Magnet and the Earth Magnet.


Project Attraction from EEME Tales of a Homeschool Family


Total time for this project is projected at 1.5-2.5 hours.  However, my children have already done similar labs prior to this.  So, this project took them under 60 minutes to complete. While this one wasn't their favorite, it was still fun!


Take a peek at my review of DIY Display and Project Tentacles.


Be sure to check out EEME's Monthly Subscription option.  Get $10 off your first month!


Check out EEME’s 6 Project Set – The fundamentals of electronics in a single box!
This project set has over 80 wires and components – breadboard, baseplate, battery pack, AA batteries and everything you need to build 6 projects: Project Genius Light, DIY Display, Tentacles, Attraction, Fade To Black, and Countdown. With our online curricula, your family will build with and learn about LED’s, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and much much more!

Either option would make a great addition to your science curriculum, after school activities, birthday or Christmas gift!

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