High School Spanish II from Middlebury Interactive Languages Review


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Middlebury Interactive Languages digital courses bring bilingual knowledge to your child right in the comfort of your home with their online curriculum in Chinese, French, German and Spanish spanning Elementary to High School levels!


Since my oldest had already completed Spanish 2 last year, he wanted to check out a virtual version of the course to see how it measured up. I was curious to see what he would think of High School Spanish II, Grades 9-12 .


In Spanish II, vocabulary and grammar are expanded with listening and reading passages while also using practical skills of writing and speaking a second language.  Within each of the 36 units, new concepts are presented and strengthened in a multimedia presentation with interactive activities.  Culture of various Spanish-speaking countries is interwoven into the program as well.


This course is aligned to The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages standards.


High School Spanish II from Middlebury Interactive Languages Review



Middlebury Table of Contents


Let's walk through an easy to navigate lesson!


High School Spanish II from Middlebury Interactive Languages

Step one:  Matching.  Listen to a passage and check off the words that you hear.  Once completed, hit the "check" icon and the computer tells you how many you got correct.  If you've missed any, go back and fix them. Then, recheck.




Step Two:  Warm Up - Review numbers




Step Three:  Match numbers spoken in Spanish to the written number.




Step Four:  Speaking lab - listen and repeat!




Step Five:  Warm up with larger numbers




Step Six:  More number matching




Step Seven:  Speaking Lab - Listen and repeat




Step Eight:  Reading - practice writing the dollar amount in Spanish




Step Nine:  Grammar review - the Preterite tense




Step Ten:  Grammar Review Practice




Step Eleven:  Grammar Introduction - Object Pronouns




Step Twelve:  New Grammar Lesson - Object Pronouns.  Either watch the video or read the script.  OR do them both for reinforcement!




Step Thirteen:  Grammar Practice - Part I Direct Object Pronouns





Step Fourteen:  Grammar Practice - Part 2 Indirect Object Pronouns




Step Fifteen:  Reading - Read the sentence and fill in the blanks




Step Sixteen:  A bit of fun at the end of the lesson.... read the riddle and try to answer it!




Middlebury's Gradebook is easily accessible too.





Final Thought about High School Spanish II from Middlebury Interactive Languages

My son now has experienced foreign language instruction via live teacher, textbook only and virtually.  In his words, nothing beats a live teacher in a co-op setting.  However, he thought virtual is much more preferable than plain old text book learning.


He also thought the contents of Middlebury's program to be consistent with what he learned last year, though some of the audio voicing was a bit on the fast side.  Fortunately, there's a repeat button!  Explanations are straight forward and easy to follow.


Over all he says Middlebury was a good experience!


The only issue I see with this program is that you MUST check your specific state or college bound requirements to make sure this virtual program is acceptable for credit.


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