Faith of Our Fathers DVD Review

It's not often I get to sit down to watch a movie that isn't geared specifically for the littles or on a topic we are studying in our homeschool.

When given a chance to review another selection from, I was drawn to the storyline for Faith Of Our Fathers DVD 2015 Edition with its' all-star cast including Stephen Baldwin, David A.R. White, Kevin Downes and Candace Cameron Bure.


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Faith Of Our Fathers DVD 2015 Edition

Set in 1997, Faith of Our Fathers shows the amazing journey of two total strangers who find their paths crossing as they attempt to learn more about the fathers they never knew.  One to be a preacher after the war, the other a cynic.



At the start of the movie, John Paul George is sorting through his deceased mother's garage.  He happens upon a box of his father's military items.  Not knowing much about his father, he finds a letter from an Edward Adams and does a little detective work.


Upon finding a hot lead, he makes his way from California to Mississippi to speak with Edward only to discover that he has passed away. However, his son Wayne is alive but has quite a peculiar way about himself.


Wayne's antics have the two strangers packed up for a road trip to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC.  Through letters Wayne "sells" to John and the fathers' Vietnam War flashbacks, the viewer is privy to a weaving of the theme of redemption.


My older kids (12 and up) enjoyed the historical flashbacks that added "just enough" to the storyline as the relationship between John Paul and Wayne unfolded.  They also loved the surprise appearance that ties the past to the future!  What an awesome statement of faith being passed down through a generation and seeing the fruit it bears to that generation.



Final thoughts about Faith of Our Fathers

Eventhough there's not the typical blood and guts of Hollywood movies, there are some intense war scenes that are not appropriate for young children.  Whether used as a witnesses tool, family time flick or included as part of the study of Modern American History, Faith of Our Fathers is a movie not to be missed!


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