Ronald Reagan: Destiny at His Side Review!


For many years my family has enjoyed the Heroes of History and Christian Heroes series from YWAM Publishing.  When the opportunity came up to review a selection of our choosing, we chose a story about one of our family favorite presidents.  That president's story is written in Ronald Reagan:  Destiny at His Side  which includes both the book and the Unit Study Curriculum Guide.


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For my husband and I, the book started with a memory we both remember well.  But, for my kids, it was a historic day in the past.  That day was the heart stopping day President Reagan was shot!


Ronald Reagan: Destiny at His Side


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As with the other books in this series, the authors Janet & Geoff Benge, skillfully weave important events with great detail into a flowing account.  We loved hearing the stories about "Dutch" from a bright 5 year old all the way up to his eventual passing at the ripe age of 93.  I personally was struck with Reagan's drive to achieve his passions.  As a young man he isolated his goals to sports, acting and politics. Through much drive, commitment, and faith, he was able to achieve each of these!  What an inspiration!


Other high points include Reagan's life during the time of Prohibition, Great Depression, his shift in political philosophy from an FDR-supporting Democrat to a Republican, Governorship of California, Presidency, Challenger Tragedy, Fall of the Berlin Wall and much more!


And to make this wonderful book even better, there's an accompanying Unit Study Curriculum Guide!  What a great way to expound and expand these treasured biographies!


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This unit study guide is for use in the classroom and in the home.   Easy to implement and navigate, it's key in helping to teach and reinforce areas such as: History, Geography, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, Public Speaking, Drama and Art!


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An example of the comprehension questions.  These can be done written, orally one on one or for group discussion time!


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One of the great things in homeschooling is the ability to follow rabbit trails.  Some of my own students like to learn in a straight-forward approach and others love to follow where ever their curiosity takes them.  This site map is the perfect way to engage those very curious learners without having to dig for additional topics yourself!  It would be so easy to add movies, documentaries, and additional books.  A trip to the library is in order!


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Final thoughts on Ronald Reagan:  Destiny at His Side

As noted above, our family LOVES this series.  We have spent many a read aloud time exploring foreign lands, been engaged in hostile cultures, cheered on heroes in the faith and been spurred on to press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus!


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