Celebrate High School: Finish with Excellence Review!

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There are moments in the homeschool journey that take your breath away.

  • The first day of homeschooling

  • The first public recognition of a job well done

  • The first time you see your child's giftings

  • The first time you REALLY start to consider homeschooling the high school years.

This year I have two high schoolers.   I still get those breathless moments when I wonder if I'm doing all that I need!  Though I am enjoying these years with my teens who are delightful self starters, there's a lot of other "stuff" to keep track of...credits earned, credit needed, transcripts, descriptions, dual enrollment, AP classes, virtual school...without a helping hand, it's enough to drive a homeschool mom to end the homeschool journey prematurely!

That's where Celebrate High School: Finish with Excellence comes in. Author Cheryl Bastian has 20 years experience homeschooling her own 8 children and has graduated two.

Celebrate High School Finish with Excellence Review www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com

Within the pages of this book, Cheryl thoroughly and thoughtfully expounds on all the various aspects of middle school and high school schooling while focusing on the "unique qualities and interests of the student" as a compass for guidance.
Asking questions and walking alongside looks different for every child and parent; each must be willing to walk their journey together.  To team up with my middle and high schoolers, I had to be curious about them.  When I was truly interested in them, not just my ideas about them, they knew it.  Together, we opened up to one another and discovered the interests and strengths God created in them, as well as how those gifts might be use, not just in high school, but in life.  And, that, my friend, is an opportunity worth celebrating! -Cheryl Bastian

I appreciate the down to earth way information is presented with real life scenarios by other homeschool moms which help illustrate these points and give the reader encouragement in the journey.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Magnificent, Make-A-Difference Middle School

Chapter 2:  Navigating the Middle School Academic Maze

Chapter 3:  Middle School Record Keeping

Chapter 4:  Future Possibilities

Chapter 5:  Plan Well to Finish Well

Chapter 6:  Meeting College Admission Requirements

Chapter 7:  High School Record Keeping

Chapter 8:  Finishing Well
*The information in this book occasionally reference requirements for students in Florida.  As a Florida resident, this is the information with which I am most familiar.  I am not familiar with the home education laws of all fifty states.  High school is not a one-size-fits-all experience, therefore no resource can encompass all the necessary information for every student, in every state.  Become your student's advocate and best resource and, in turn, you will tell their unique story, well.  -Cheryl Bastian

This book is a wealth of knowledge to the mom who is just starting to school a middle schooler as well as a veteran homeschool mom with kids already in high school.

As a mom who is already halfway into the high school years with child #1, there were things I did not know about college transcripts.   I am relieved to have found this book as a guide and reference to avoid pitfalls and disappointments in the college application process!

Celebrate High School is a must have for all homeschooling households!


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  1. In my first five minutes of reading I discovered that two different guidance counselors at two separate colleges had given me wrong information. I looked up the statute -Celebrate High School had gotten it right. I am very appreciative of this well researched book!