Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum Review

Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum Review from Tales of a Homeschool Family


For over 12 years we've been busy homeschooling.  The majority of that time we've used a mix of curricula tailored for each child.  However, there have been seasons where a well laid out plan is VERY welcomed!  And, being IN one of "those seasons" currently, I more than welcomed the chance to give Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum a whirl!

Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company that produces simple and easy-to-use classical Christian education materials for home and private schools.


Over the past few months, my five year old got to try these Memoria Press exclusives:


Numbers Book - Parts 1 and 2

MP Numbers-Books_0 (1)


MP Numbers ex



First Start Reading - Books A, B, C and D

MP First-Start-Reading


mp phonics writing ex



Classical Phonics

MP ClassicalPhonics




MP phonics ex




Composition and Sketchbook I

mp Composition-And-Sketchbook




Copybook - Book 1


mp Cipybooks1-3




MP copybook ex



Art Cards, Curriculum Manual, Kindergarten Enrichment, Book of Crafts

MP Primary-Resources_0





MP crafts ex




MP enrichment 1


MP enrichment 2


MP enrichment 3


Curriculum Manual


mp teachers 1


mp teachers 2


Our experience with Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum:

Upon cracking open the curriculum guide I love how easy it is to follow the flow of each scheduled day.  Though not every season warrants this sort of detail, I am grateful for 36 well scheduled and laid out weeks currently!


As we start, I noticed the structure of the morning recitations. Beginning with prayer and pledges plus such necessities as days of the week, types of letters of the alphabet, counting by 2's, continents and more, this was a very good way for my son to transition from everyday life to thinking mode.  Being a very wiggly boy, I am surprised at how much he likes this aspect of classical education!


Next during our typical day using Memoria Press curriculum, we move into the more formal work of phonics, handwriting, numbers and math.


Finally, after saving my son's favorite for last, it is storytime!  This section includes a wonderful and rich mix of activities such as music, crafts, art, poetry, science, history and culture.


We had some of these great books in our home library and borrowed the rest from the public library.  This is 4 weeks worth of read alouds.


MP hands on 5


I loved the way Memoria Press worked the read alouds with activities and oral comprehension/discussion questions!


MP Hands on 1


Here my son is making his own tree after reading A Tree is Nice.  During this same week, we listened to "Radetzky March" by Johann Strauss, studied Birch Forest by Gustaz Klimt, created our own neighborhood map, and took a nature walk to observe local trees.


MP Hands on 2


The finished product!


MP Hands on 3


These are the hands on activities for How to Make an Apple Pie and The Important Book!  (As a bonus, these are good practice for using scissors and showing the proper way to use a stapler!)


MP Hands on 4


Final thoughts on Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum

As with any boxed curriculum grade set, you run the risk of a child not being on the same level straight across the board.  We did run into that problem with my son.  While he was ready to memorize simple facts, work with numbers and begin to read, he was not able to keep up with the handwriting.  Since Memoria Press incorporates phonics, reading and writing all together,  we had to leave off the handwriting for now.  As we continue working with his fine motor skills,  we will pick handwriting back up in a few months.


Aside from the handwriting, we had a positive experience with Memoria Press and feel it is a well rounded and thorough program.  This was a fun introduction to classical education and one we will continue through this coming school year!



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  1. Isn't it wonderful?! We had to slack on the handwriting, but after about 4 months my daughter bounded forward. Now she's slowing down again. She can do it, she just doesn't want to now. But every other aspect of their entire curriculum I am loving. I have lots of thorough reviews of Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and a good post of First Grade if you're interested, or want to share with you readers who might want to know more.

    I love how you included previews all in on place. I know that will be helpful for some people.

  2. Thanks so much. We are planning to start this program with our wiggly boy in the fall. This helps give me a better idea of what to expect and how it can work. I am really excited.