Geology and Biblical History Curriculum Review


Let's be honest.  Out of all the disciplines of science, Geology tends to be the most passed over.


In high school for example, Biology, Chemistry and Physics get all the fanfare.  If you are able to take an Earth Science course, the majority of the time it is as dry as burnt toast!


So, what makes learning about the Earth interesting?  It's all in the approach of the curriculum!


As someone with a Geology degree, I didn't get interested in the history of our Earth until I studied it in the context of our National Parks.  It doesn't get more real that that!  From that college class onwards, I was hooked!  Fast forward many years and 4 kids later, I'm faced with the same dilemma.  How can I teach my kids the way I've been taught without writing my own curriculum?


That's where the Geology and Biblical History Curriculum from Master Books comes in!

Geology and Biblical History Review

Geology and Biblical History Curriculum Review


36 weeks of Geology with a Biblical Worldview broken down into bite sized lessons complete with stunning photography and informative text/dvd's that capture God's Creation concentrating on The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks!




The Geology and Biblical History Package Includes:


Your upper middle school - highschooler will learn more about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and geomorphic formations in the context of volcanoes, earthquakes and deposition & erosion all with a Biblical Worldview of Creation!



Geology 1




geology 2




geology 3


Utilizing the Explore Series with Noah Justice (Explore the Grand Canyon, Explore Yellowstone, and Explore Yosemite & Zion National Parks), the student is introduced to Geologic facts of major National Parks and the fascinating Creation Science behind these areas.  The True North series (Your Guide to the Grand Canyon, Your Guide to Yellowstone, and Your Guide to Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks) are fabulous references to the geology, ecology and biology of the National Parks.  The student guide helps to pull all this information together!  Completing this experience are 12 quizzes and 4 tests.


Our experience with Geology and Biblical History Curriculum

This curriculum is marked for 8th/9th graders.  However, I know from experience that I did not study the Earth to the depth that is presented in this curriculum until I was in college! The information is presented in such a logical and enjoyable way that I believe middle schoolers through high schoolers will benefit from this study.


Furthermore, if you feel like you'd need to add more for an older student, I would suggest to augment this study adding some student research of "Geology Greats" both past and present plus throw in a hands-on lab with the identification of minerals and rocks.


As for me, it was a joy to sit down and discuss one of my favorite topics with my highschoolers with all the work and pre-planning already done.  We are all looking forward to the remainder of science learning this year!


  1. my 8 year old watched a bunch of those movies when he was 6-7 and LOVED THEM. i wish i could get my hands on them *$*
    i love this!

  2. Sure... yet another Master Books that I need to get. My son LOVES weather and has enjoyed studying earthquakes and volcanoes. Guess I'm adding something else to the "wish list". LOL!

  3. This Geology curriculum is a definite winner! Studying Geology via National Parks is the way I fell in love with Geology and a perfect fit for a busy homeschool mom to teach her children!

    Thanks for visiting and reading!