2015-2016 Curriculum Choices!

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2015-2016 Curriculum Choices www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


I'm embarrassed to admit this, but, in the 12+ years we've been homeschooling, this is the first year I haven't known exactly what we are doing by early summer!

With that I'm excited to announce our 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices!


As per working within their abilities and not just on typical 'grade levels', I am listing each child by AGE.


5 Year old

Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum (Read my review!)

All About Reading (Review forthcoming)

Handwriting without Tears

Homeschool PE


11 Year old

Memoria Press Famous Men of the Middle Age (Review forthcoming)

Spelling U See (Read my review!)

UnLock Math Pre Algebra (Read my review!)

Science in the Scientific Revolution (Read my review!)

Science Olympiad

Grammar - Schoolhouse Teachers (Read my review!)

Writing - Check the Deck

Homeschool PE

Keeper's of the Home

Voices of Joy


14 Year old

Geometry - Math u See

Ancient History, Bible, Literature & English - My Father's World Highschool

Geology & Biblical History - Master Books (Review Forthcoming!)

Science Olympiad

Homeschool PE


16 Year Old

Modern American & World History - Tapestry of Grace Year 4

Art History

Geology & Biblical History - Master Books (Review Forthcoming!)

Science Olympiad coach

Dual Enrollment - Fall:  College Composition I, Student Life Skills.

Kempo Martial Arts - Classes and assistant instructing.


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  1. I always love to meet another Memoria Press mama. Let me know if you want to participate in the MP Blog Roll! My next post is on looking back at last year (MP 1st Grade) and the next post will be looking forward to this year (MP 2nd Grade)!