The Civil War Adventure Book Review!

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Twins Finn and Ginny are back!

The Civil War Adventure Review


The Our America Series by Susan Kilbride is a fun, fact-filled, fast paced, never boring, read for children 10-14 (though my older kids still enjoy reading these as well).  Think Magic Tree House, but without the wizardry!


This time traveling duo has been on a quest to find their parents who have gotten lost in the past.


They've looked futilely through the time periods of the Pilgrims, King Philips War, Salem Witch Trails and the Revolutionary War. During their last adventure on the Oregon Trail they catch a glimpse of their Mom and Dad shouting a promise to meet them in Camp Creek, Nebraska just as they are pulled back into the future.


In The Civil War Adventure (Our America) (Volume 6),  Finn and Ginny find themselves in Alabama during the Civil War. Coming face to face with the sobering southern mentality of the slave owners, the distance to Nebraska appears insurmountable!


The story heats up when Finn and Ginny help a slave family escape using the Underground Railroad!  If that wasn't dangerous enough, they make a thrilling discovery while marching with the Union army.... on its' way to Gettysburg of all places!


How will they survive Culp's Hill and Pickett's charge?  Can they help their new friends make it to freedom?  Will they be able to make it out west in time to reunite with their parents?


As with the other 6 volumes, Finn and Ginny meet their ancestors along the way who help guide and keep them safe.  In this way, the reader gets a feel for how this war tore families apart with some members fighting for the Union and some members for the Confederacy.
"Like the other books in this series, this book is based on the lives of real people using sources written by people who lived during the events in the book."

-Susan Kilbride

After reading this latest book in the series, my kids asked that same old question.... "When's the next book coming out?"


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