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What is Prasso?   Prasso is a Greek word that means to repeatedly, continually, and habitually practice.  Prasso Ministries has created a Bible Study for teens that specifically takes a look at continually, repeatedly and habitually practicing, reading, meditating and applying God's world to everyday life!

Teen Prasso Bible Study Review www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com Tales of a Homeschool Family

Teen Prasso Ministries Review www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


The Teen Prasso Bible Study consists of a Homework Manual and a Teacher's Manual.  This translates into 3 components - a daily journal for the student, a weekly teaching lesson for the teacher and a weekly small group discussion for all.


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13 lessons are broken down into 6 daily chunks per week covering God, Your Heavenly Father, God's Love, 1+2 Doesn't Equal 3, All out War, Lies, Pressure, Anger, Forgiveness, Pride & Selfishness, Refocusing and The Journey Ahead.




The Leaders Guide contains ample instructions on how to be a group leader by encouraging the 80/20 rule,  journal usage, preparing for discussion time, tips for asking good questions that spur discussion and dealing with a diverse group (from the silent type to the interrupter and everything in between!).  Plus there's a very helpful 1 page outline at the beginning of each lesson that makes preparing a snap at a glance!

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The student Journal is a pleasure to work with and lies flat when opened.  This journal is to be used 5-6 days a week by the student on their own during personal quiet time.  There are scriptures to look up and reflect upon.  There are also several areas where Prasso gives place and time to reflect on the relationship between the student and Jesus...most importantly on Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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There are instances where the guide dives into heavier social issues such as premarital sex, drugs, cutting, pornography and physical abuse.


Prasso does a great job with vital lessons:

  • Who is God and what that means for you?

  • Handling difficult situations

  • The real enemy and his plan for you

  • Handling pressure and expectations

  • Dealing with anger

  • Why forgiveness is essential

  • Guarding against destructive pride and selfishness

  • How to refocus

  • Continuing the Journey


This is all within an easy to follow and execute bible study interwoven with an on going  "real life" story that leaves students (and the leader) wanting to hear more!

Our experience with Teen Prasso

At first glance, I thought this looked like a fabulous bible study.  I like that it's 6 days of the kids working on their own and then coming together for discussion. What a great way to build spiritual muscle!


I had also thought about having my 11 year old join this study with her high school aged brothers.  She's more than a beginner bible student and thought she'd like to be included. BUT, by lesson 3, social issues creep into the study which are beyond where she and her peers are currently.  Quiet honestly, this goes for the older siblings as well!


At this point I'm faced with a dilemma...while I really like the majority of this bible study, some of the presented situations are not relevant to my children.


However, I know that there are hurting kids out there who need this guidance and help.  I can certainly see how this study in its entirety would be applicable to a groups of diverse students, many of whom are newly saved or come from broken situations that need healing.

Final Thoughts on Teen Prasso

In the end it is every parent's desire to prepare their child for the future - and the method used will look different for each family.  As for our family, we will continue the study, albeit an amended one.


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