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Play is the most powerful way to learn.  Is it any wonder that a child's "job" for his/her first few years of life is just to play?  Somewhere along the line we lose that valuable playtime in exchange for learning via textbooks and computer games.  Along with that loss is the interaction between loved ones which builds us emotionally and socially.  But, it doesn't have to be that way!  SimplyFun IS all about learning and most importantly learning while building relationships. From a wide array of play and learning toys, SimplyFun has a wonderful goal of bringing family time together for all - even for the busiest of families! Many of their games can be easily learned and played within 30 minutes.  Perfect for parent, grandparent, educator, and therapist!


Shape Whiz is a fun and unique way to learn and review the Principles of Geometry in game form. Seeing as though we have more olders than youngers, this is a good fit for our 11, 14 and 16 year olds .


Shape Whiz is easy to set up, learn and play.


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun


First, decide if you want an easy or hard level of game play.  If you want to keep it simple, use only the blue cards.  For a regular game, use a combination of blue and green cards.


Next, for the easier version, deal 8 cards to each player....


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 2


Each player flips over three cards from their hand and lays them face up on the table.  The remaining cards are placed in the discard pile with the "clue" cards next to them.


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 3


Flipping over one of the clue cards, lay it in the middle.  Each player reads it and checks their own face up cards for a match.  If they don't see a card in their row, they can check their opponents for a match.


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 4


Once a match is found, the player sets that card in the middle.


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 5


Next, the players 'judge' the card to see if it fits the clue.  If the players cannot determine whether it is correct, just flip over the shape card and read through the Shape Properties. Total sides, perimeter, area, parallel sets, lines of symmetry, # of angles greater than 90 and less than 90 are conveniently printed out for you!


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 7


Once the card is accepted as correct, the winning player then replaces the card in his row with one of the remaining cards that are in the face down pile.


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 8


Play continues until one player is out of cards or has the least number of cards left.


Shape Whiz Review from SimplyFun 9


Oh, you might have some laughter and good natured hand slapping going on too!!!


Our experience with Shape Whiz

Initially my kids were not too excited about this "game".  I mean Geometry and do you even equate the two?

Sitting my oldest three down, my 16 year old took charge.  It was a slaughter by the oldest (aka Mr. Math).  After agreeing with their pleas, I took Mr. Math out of the game and we played the simplier version with the other two.  And, that's where they found the fun with this math discipline!  They are both pretty competitive and closer in math abilities, so, it was a level playing field.  There were so many smiles and laughs for a good 20 minutes.  It was fun, team building and educational all at the same time.  A real win, win, win!!!!


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