Project Tentacles from EEME Review!

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EEME's third project in their online series, Project Tentacles,  sounds creepy, but the learning experience is far from it!


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As with the prior two projects (Project Genius Light and DIY Display),  children 7-12 will learn fascinating facts about electronics without the parent having to spend hours sifting through manuals.  I promise you, it's painless!


EEME's online system offers subscribers 24 hour, unlimited access to 12 monthly projects and 12 bonus projects.




Company founder and concerned parent Jack Pien was fed up with the “learning toys” on the market.  He decided to take a step in the STEM technology learning direction by bringing online lessons and monthly hands-on project kits to the public.


Project Tentacles from EEME

The shipment arrives with everything you need!  Parental involvement is required – however, it is best for the parent to observe and allow the child to have their hands on the project and pace themselves through the online and easily accessible video lessons.


Project Tentacles from EEME Review

"Want to be alerted if your door opens?  Build an alarm system to keep out those pesky nosy intruders!!!"

Tentacles from EEME Review


My 11 year old daughter and I sat down to work on this project.   It does help that her older brothers are very electronically/mechanically inclined, so, she's been exposed to a good deal of gizmos, gadgets and wires in the past.  BUT, a background in building of any kind is not required.  The video instruction is more than sufficient!


In the video portion of this curriculum there are 33 steps which are broken down into bite sized clips.  The reason for this is so the student can easily follow the short direction, learn new terminology and easily play the portion that they need to work on.   In between instructions are short quizzes with multiple choice answers and opportunities to give short answers to questions.  What I like about these video instructions is that the student can easily go back and hit "replay" when necessary.


After a bit of review from the previous project, the lesson starts with building a basic buzzer circuit.


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A portion of the video lesson and multiple choice “quiz”


Tentacles from EEME Review 2


Tada!  Simple Buzzer Circuit!


Project Tentacles from EEME Review 1


Advancing some, we try out one of the buzzer variations.  Touch the wires together and make your buzzer sound!


Project Tentacles from EEME Review 2


Though my daughter was able to build her "Tentacles", the knowledge part of this project - or more importantly, HOW to express the technical terms of what she knows was a bit tricky.  Since I'm the Mom, I let her explain orally when we got to these summarizing questions.


Tentacles from EEME Review 3


Wow!  When all is said and done, it really does look like tentacles!


Project Tentacles from EEME Review 5



Final thoughts about Project Tentacles

This time around, the concepts were a bit more complicated than the previous two builds. Project Tentacles introduces NPN and PNP transistors.  Only in this instance did my daughter need to ask her older brothers a question or two about these.  Still, she is looking forward to the next project!

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