Escape from Sudan Book Review!

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In Escape from Sudan, Author Amanda DiCianni writes a tale from the heart to raise awareness of the plight of persecuted Christian Sudanese.


Escape from Sudan Book Review


Escape from Sudan

Orphaned teenager, Elijah Bwoko, has narrowly escaped capture once again.  As the National Islamic Front has been scouring the countryside, his sisters are captured and taken away to be sold as slaves.  Through faith and prayer, Elijah and his "adopted" brother find a helping hand from an American foreign worker.  Putting himself in harms way to save two Sundanese girls, the "white man" frees the girls from their captives and helps Elijah and his remaining family members form a plan to run to the safety of a Ugandan refugee camp. After months of waiting in camp, a new life awaits his siblings in the USA - but what about Elijah?


If you are looking for a way to introduce your young reader to the realities of following Christ in parts of Africa, this book is a great place to start!  It grabs your attention early on and holds it through some incredible action packed pages guaranteed to leave you in awe of God's provision!


About the Author

Amanda DiCianni is a writer, wife, and mother to five amazing kids. She earned her degree in Literary Writing from Oral Roberts University and has traveled the world helping those in need and telling them about Jesus. Her first encounter with the Sudanese was in 1999 when she taught English to Sudanese refugees at a school in Cairo, Egypt. In 2002, she visited South Sudan and Uganda and saw first-hand the needs of these precious people and fellow believers in Christ. It is her hope that this book will raise awareness and inspire children to become involved in the plight of the Sudanese.

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