Travel Back to the Early 19th Century with Winter Promise

It has been a whole school year since my 11 year old started journeying with Winter Promise's American Crossing!

American Crossing Winter Promise Unit 4 Wrap Up collage

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This last update takes us through The Early 19th Century with topics of  The American-Mexican War, our early presidents, Louisiana Purchase, Native American relations and Inventors.


This unit saw some of our households "old favorites" such as Minn of the Mississippi and Tree in the Trail and new reads - Fever 1793, The Captain's Dog, Ballad of Lucy Whipple and more.


The early 19th Century with Winter Promise America Crossing 1


The core readings from the Time Travelers CD-Roms from Home School in the Woods are enhanced by Going Along with Lewis and Clark, Escape to Freedom, Tragic Tale of Narcissa Whitman plus a study of the United States Constitution.


The early 19th Century with Winter Promise America Crossing


Also from the Time Travelers CD-rom are an assortment of activities, recipes, timelines and lapbooking/notebooking activities.


The early 19th Century with Winter Promise America Crossing 5


And of course, my creative daughter put her own spin on her lapbook!


The early 19th Century with Winter Promise America Crossing 3


The early 19th Century with Winter Promise America Crossing 2


Finishing out our study of the United States, we "visit" a total of 16 "new" states, learning fascinating details about each along the way.


And for character studies we learn about James Madison, Harriet Beecher Stowe and more early American heroes with such qualities of prudence, loyalty, and preparation.


Our Experience with The Early 19th Century with Winter Promise


This unit I gave my daughter more free reign with the activities she wanted to do. Keeping the history text from Time Travelers as our spine, she chose to concentrate on the lap and notebooking elements and less on the other crafts.


But that didn't stop her from trying the time period recipes!  Indian Fry Bread, Succotash and Maple Sugar Candy just to name a few!


Maple Syrup Candy


She also chose to move the  Bible/Character reading to our family devotional time plus literature reading became a family affair nightly before bed.


Final thoughts on America Crossing from Winter Promise

This year has been an incredible learning experience for my daughter.  This curriculum is rich in learning, both text and activity wise!  There's so much to choose from that the possibilities are endless.  Honestly, it would be impossible to get bored!


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