Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review!


Years ago, my daughter and I had the privilege of reading Andi's Scary School Days from the Circle C Beginnings Series written by Homeschool veteran and author, Susan Marlow.  My daughter was 7 at the time and we both fell in love with the characters...so much so, I bought the other books in the series for her birthday!


As life would happen, time got away from us and so did continuing on with the other series starring an older Andi - also known as Andrea Carter.  When we received Tales from the Circle C Ranch , part of the  Circle C Adventures, it was like a breath of fresh air transporting my daughter and I back in time.  In addition to this book,  A Journey Through Learning has teamed up to create the corresponding Andrea Carter's Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook complete with study guide.


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Set in the Wild West during the late 1800's, Andi Carter and her family's Circle C Ranch is the back drop for 11 short stories.  Ms. Marlow has cleverly written this collection in response to fans' questions and serves as a perfect companion book to transition from Circle C Beginnings Series to the Circle C Adventures and then to The Circle C Milestones Collection.


My now 11 year old and I enjoyed using this book as a read aloud before bedtime.  The truth is I wanted to hear Andi's adventures just as much as she did!


The first section contains 4 stories that correspond to the Circle C Beginnings books. Reading through this section was fun, as this is the series we are most familiar with.  We found out how Andi came to be able to wear pants, why Andi's drawing of her left hand was the best gift, what happened to the crazy hat from Aunt Rebecca, and Andi's first snowfall adventure.


The next section focuses on an older Andi, who cashes in on a crazy horse, has an expensive 4th of July, learns how to entertain a pest while maintaining honor, takes a snake "traveling" in a pail, gives a not so proper riding lesson, shows bravery in the Pacific and saves her sister from heartache.


Also available is the lapbook.  If you are not familiar with lapbooking, it's a great, hands-on, fun tool that also serves as a permanent record of learning!


Tales from the Circle C Ranch Lapbook Review www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


Each lapbook element is to be created after the corresponding story has been read.


Tales from the Circle C Ranch Lapbook 1


Activities within the lapbook include a variety of "lift the flap and record your answers" cutouts and mini-books each specially themed after a particular short story.


Tales from the Circle C Ranch Lapbook 3


The provided study guide really hones in on memorable aspects of the story!  Many times offering historical insight into a particular situation.


tales from the Circle C Ranch Lapbook 5


Step by step instructions easily show how to assemble each element plus where to place it within the connecting folders.


Tales from Circle C Ranch Lapbook 2


Final thoughts about Tales from the Circle C Ranch


I loved sharing this book with my daughter.  These stories are adventurous, family oriented, positive and will bring a smile to your face!  Susan Marlow has definitely kept 2 fans.  It looks like I'm off to buy Circle C Adventures, and Circle C Milestones for my daughter's next birthday!  I'm sure it's a gift we both will enjoy!


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  1. This was such a fun review to read! it flowed and leaped and touched on everything I'd hope readers would glean from Andi's little adventures.
    Thanks so much and I'm so glad you want to continue Andi's adventures!

  2. Thanks for writing such awesome, wholesome books Susan!