Lego Friends or Foe?


Do you remember when Lego Friends first came out?  I sure do!  To celebrate Legoland's opening of Heartlake City, I'm resharing my humbling experience when I first heard of Lego's decision to make a series just for girls.


ego friends  5


Lego Friends

Some of you who follow me on Facebook may remember the conniption I had over Lego's new Friends.  Friends are a new series that are made especially for girls.


When I first read about them, I thought they would be 'fluff' and bear some of the same ridiculous bodily measurements as another doll that's mass marketed to little girls which shall remain nameless.  I declared this to be a 'definite fail'.  How could Lego go and do such a thing?


I was convinced Lego had made a step in the wrong direction!


A week later we visited Legoland.   My kids had a blast trading mini-figures with workers among many things to do at the park.  While waiting for my husband and sons to return from a Lego movie, my daughter and I set out to look at some of the shops.


What do we stumble upon?  Why the Friends shop of course!  My daughter begged to go in....I begrudgingly agreed.


So, here I am...with my daughter...going to see 'epic fluff'.  Gah!  How could she do this to me?


As she runs off to look around, she hands me her previously owned 'girl mini-figures'.  I start looking around for myself.


I look at one box. "Shm!"   "Well, ok, this one's kinda cute.  This girl runs a bakery."  The set comes with little accessories in addition to regular bricks in girly colors and DOES NOT come with any other clothes.  Hmmm, this particular box isn't too bad.  But I bet the next box will certainly have something objectionable.


Next box.  "Ok, not bad.  This girl is a vet."  "Oh, this tree house is cute too."


It appears to me that these Lego Friends actually DO something...but, what about the mini-figures themselves.


I look at the box...then I look at the old-style female mini-figures.


I look at the new mini-figures....then back at the old.


So on and so forth until the light goes on!  Do you see what I see?


lego friends  3


Older style Lego Mini-figures.....


lego friends  2


More older style Lego Mini-figures


lego friends 1


And still more Lego Mini-figures....


lego friends  6


Old and new together....


Now while I'm not totally sold on the new style mini-figures' outfits, the old style mini-figures are definitely more ummmm.....suggestive?


With that, please pass the salt.  This shoe is going to need a lot of seasoning!


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  1. You know, until I saw the pics and then really looked at them, I never even thought about it. You are so right!

    I was skeptical about them at first too, but they've kind of grown on me.

  2. Thanks for sharing at the Pinterest Love Weekend Pin-It Party :)

  3. Thanks for the post! My daughter is really interested in LEGO Friends and you make a great point when comparing them with older LEGO female minifigures. I appreciate it!