Happenings at a Long Awaited Homeschool Convention Weekend!

It was a weekend I had been anticipating for forever.  After a 4 year absence, I was finally going to the country's largest Homeschool convention, FPEA!


Happenings at a Long Awaited Homeschool Convention Weekend www.talesofahomeschoolfamily.taberstruths.com


I was giddy with excitement.  Visions of grandeur danced in my head ... I ... could ... not ... wait!  It would be a weekend to remember!


The first night I was scheduled to help out in the Mentoring Moms booth.  I was looking forward to helping and encouraging other moms along this journey!   Friday was to be filled with encouraging messages from Heidi St. John, Zan Tyler and the Fly Lady.  Yes, Friday was to be MY day.  Mine, mine, mine!  Saturday was a girls' day with just my daughter and I shopping, attending seminars and just being together. In between all the action, at some point I'd be meeting up with another homeschooling mom I had "met" virtually!


Ah, bliss!!


Thursday rolled around.  Shortly after rising, I had to face a very important fact. Due to an undisclosed issue, I was in no shape to drive the hour to the convention center, walk, stand on my feet and be any source of encouragement.  In other words, Thursday's plans were off!


Undeterred, I got some extra sleep and woke up early the next morning.


These conventions are notorious for being cold.  Not just a wee bit nippy, but, bone chilling, finger numbing, blue lipped cold.  Wisely, I armed myself with a sweatshirt and a jacket!


For Friday's day of encouragement, my desired speakers were back to back to back. The first one, I survived in my sweatshirt.  The next, I donned my jacket.  But the last session did me in!  Wrapped in my warm garb, I clung to  a large steaming cup of Starbucks, pressing it against my numb face.  I'd given up taking notes fearing frost bite.


Grabbing my lunch, I made a beeline outside.  Even in the 90+ degree heat, it was hard to shake the cold.  After some time, I gave up and returned home to some hot tea, a hot bath and a plethora of covers.


The next day was "girls' day out".  My daughter was super excited!  I however was apprehensive about the frozen wonders that lay ahead.  Donning long sleeves, pants, socks and tennis shoes, we made our way to the convention hall.


Wandering around the merchant areas, all is well and we are happy as clams.


It is time for our first seminar.  Donning a second layer of clothing we venture to our seats. Ironically it is my daughter who is too cold.  I give her my extra jacket and she is warm...and now I begin the terrible plunge into the gnawing sub-arctic cold of the hotel which threatens my fantasy weekend.  It's difficult to listen to the speaker when all I can think about is how cold I am.  I am uncomfortably cold...so much so that I arrive at a point where I just can't stand it anymore!


With that, my daughter and I escape to the outside and the 90+ degree heat.  It helps, some, but the bone chilling chill has done its' job.  I just can't warm up!


We eat lunch and walk around - still no good.


We agree to call it a day, go home, warm up and regroup.


When we arrive home, I still can't shake the chill.


I could go on, but let's just say this definitely will go down as a weekend to remember!


Note to self:  save gas, health, and money and just buy the speaker downloads to listen to from the warmth of my own home!  

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