Foundations 1 from Dynamic Literacy Review

Dynamic Literacy 1 Foundations 1 Review


Looking to expand your child's vocabulary using word roots?  Check out WordBuild:  A Better Way to Teach Vocabulary Foundations Level 1 from the company Dynamic Literacy.

Dynamic Literacy 1 Foundations 1 Review


Why is WordBuild a better way to teach vocabulary?

  • Uniquely organized

  • Root, prefixes and suffixes are taught instead of rote memorization

  • Easy to teach

  • 15 minutes a day

  • Teaches students to discover how words work, and how they are made up.

  • Dramatically improves vocabulary and reading comprehension

  • Increases scores on standardized tests.


In Foundations, students learn the meaning of the most important word prefixes and suffixes in the English language with motivating puzzles and games.  These words are taken from content area textbooks.


Foundations I curriculum is recommended for grades 3-5 in a regular classroom and for remedial, summer or after school use for grades 5-9.


Authors Dr. Estes and Dr. Larrick developed this program to bring together what they believe is the best research and teaching of language while doing so in a systematic and enjoyable way.
"A major strength of the entire Dynamic Literacy methodology is that it fosters sustainable gains in vocabulary and reading comprehension based on a student's prior knowledge" -Foundations Dynamic Literacy


Our experience with WordBuild Foundations 1


My 11 year old and I teamed up on this program, which consists of teacher's guide, workbook and an activity book.  She's an average reader with an average vocabulary. Since it's learning Greek and Latin roots and not rote memorization, she was agreeable to try it.


Dynamic Literacy 1 Foundations 1 Review 3


The first lesson's prefix is "Over - meaning above or too much"


The first exercise of the lesson is a prefix square where the prefix is defined and the word combinations are created, written and defined.


Dynamic Lit 10


The next is an affix adder where the prefix of the week is written in the blank space before each word listed, making a new word.  Then the student writes a sentence using the new world.


Dynamic Literacy Foundations 1 review 5


The third day was a magic square where words and definitions are given a numerical value in trying to find out the one, "magic number".


Dynamic Literacy Foundations 1 Review 6


A word search made up the fourth day working on those prefix muscles.


Dynamic Literacy Foundations 1 Review 7


Finally, the last puzzle of the week consisting of fill in the blanks with a word list.


Dynamic Literacy Foundations 1 Review 8


The Student Activity Book is a smaller workbook which contains more puzzle play with words.  This time by building or breaking them down.


Student Activity Book Dynamic Literacy Foundations Level 1 Review


Table of Contents of The Student Activity Book


Student Activity Book Dynamic Literacy Foundations Level 1 Review 1



Final thoughts about Foundations 1 from Dynamic Literacy


Though I whole heartedly appreciate Dynamic Literacy's "root approach" over rote memorization,  I was overwhelmed with the teacher's guide and don't know how you can teach it all in just 15 minutes a day!  The flow of the "Introducing Prefixes and Suffixes section was confusing to follow plus navigate the "to-do's.  The lesson overviews within the actual book work were a bit better to navigate.  But, I found it easier just to teach from the workbook and look up our answers as necessary.


We continued working into the next week and beyond.  However, when my daughter realized that the coming weeks' puzzles had the same format as the past weeks and that the rest of the upcoming weeks were following the same rotation between the 5 puzzles, she balked at continuing.


While this curriculum was not a fit for my daughter, It would no doubt be a good match for a visual/workbook/puzzle-loving oriented learner!


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